A Legitimate Company: ACN Inc.

A Legitimate Company: ACN Inc

A Legitimate Company: ACN Inc.

ACN Inc. has become one of the biggest direct selling telecommunications company in the world, endorsed by Donald Trump, ACN shows promise but is this right for you as a lucrative MLM home business? Let’s find out. Well, ACN is a real MLM company that has enjoyed and still enjoys a great success in the field. ACN Inc. has grown exponentially over the years and operates in many countries around the world.

ACN sets itself apart in the telecommunication industry with the new 21st century cutting edge technology of the videophone. The phone is equipped with a 7″ screen so it gives people the ability to converse live where you can actually see each other person while talking on the phone. This video phone has become a popular device that is not only used for personal use but also by professionals in various industries. ACN Inc. also offers local and long distance phone plans, and mobile services and Internet services.

The downside to this pay structure is that the representatives need to sign up a substantial amount of other representatives into the business as well as customers before they see any great return on their initial investment in the business. Also even though the representatives are marketing high quality products the telecommunication industry is very competitive.

ACN offers many products along the lines of telecommunications. These include landline telephone service local & long distance, ACN video phone, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), DSL Internet, satellite television, wireless and home security services. These products and services are primarily marketed then sold to consumers, small businesses come next.

So we know that this is a legitimate MLM home based business. They have independent distributors, that make money and the company turns over millions every year, this means there is a great demand for the products and services. there is a problem though, the services they provide originate in an incumbent provider.

This means they buy services from an incumbent provider like AT&T and many other companies and they resell to consumers. The services are sold to consumers and then they are billed under the brand name of, you guessed it – ACN Inc.

You see, this company is primarily a marketing company and their marketing system is great. Now let me get to the problem, this marketing system is designed for them but it’s not designed for you. You have the opportunity to become an independent representative but their system is not duplicate-able. So you may not make any money.

That’s right you can make money from this opportunity and become an ACN RVP by not promoting it but promoting and branding you. This is by far the most effective way to explode any MLM home business. You’ll need to plug into a system that’s designed to promote and brand you if you want to get ahead in your opportunity.
In conclusion, ACN is a legal company with quality products and a favorable compensation plan for those willing to invest time and effort required for their business development. The fact that ACN enjoys credibility internationally, collaborating with such a great business man as Donald Trump, demonstrates that this company is not a scam!


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