A place in the voip world for ACN digital phone service

acn digital phone service

A place in the voip world for acn digital phone service

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is the new and upcoming trend now in keeping in touch with family or friends across the globe.  ACN, a telecommunications company which also offers MLM business opportunities, has VoIP or Digital Phone Service as one of their products and services.

Before getting into any kind of business, whether MLM or not, knowing the products or services you might provide is very important.  If you simply jump into any investment, you might end up selling a typewriter in the computer and internet age.

What is VoIP exactly?

Traditionally, we make long distance calls to get in touch with people who are outside our local area.  The charges for international calls average at $8 per minute, and $.39 per minute for nationwide long distance calls, with a minimum charge of $2.00 for some phone companies.

If you’re a businessman who makes international calls very often, you’re looking at a very long, ergo costly, phone bill.  With VoIP, you can make such calls using the internet, for just a fraction of a cost.  All you need are a reliable high speed internet and a VoIP unit.

ACN, just like most VoIP providers, call their VoIP service “Digital Phone Service”.  In their compensation plan, an ACN representative who wants to be in the top position needs to have certain Customer Points (CP) to help them move on to the next level.  ACN Phone Service, for example, is equivalent to 2 CPs.

Is VoIP the Trend?

In the US, there are over 1000 VoIP providers.  The estimated number of VoIP subscribers who use “hard” or standalone VoIP units is 22 million in 2009.  Worldwide, there are estimated 110 million VoIP subscribers in 2010, with Europe dominating this population.  Pike & Fischer’s Broadband Advisory Services forecasts that by the end of 2011, there would be 8.5 million more VoIP household subscribers.  Market research firm, In-Stat, predicts that in 2013, there will be 288 million VoIP users.

People aged 18-29 are the frequent users of VoIP, according to the Internet phone calls study made by Pew Research Center.  Of those who use VoIP, 36% have an annual household income of $75,000 or more.  These 18-29 VoIP users could be the ACN representative’s prospects.  This is the generation who will more likely keep on using the VoIP technology.

Is VoIP Practical?

ACN Unlimited World Plan Plus High Speed Internet costs $43.99 every month.  This Digital Phone Service plan already includes high speed internet service, and the basic phone adapter.  With this, you can make unlimited international calls to 60 countries including US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

On the other hand, an unlimited long distance plan from other phone providers amount to $40 monthly.  However, these are unlimited long distance calls in the US only.

For a very small difference in plan prices, but with more advantages in package inclusions, the 8.5 million additional VoIP users by 2013 are not really far-fetched.  However, having only introduced their Digital Phone Services to the market in the late 2000’s, ACN hasn’t carved their place in the top 100 VoIP providers yet.  Online forums on ACN’s Digital Phone Service seem to have more unsatisfied customers.  Although VoIP is becoming the trend now, ACN may have to prove their brand’s reliability for a while.  A product or service which receives a number of customer complaints is not easy to sell.


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