A review on Amway’s tips for successful business-building

amway tips buisiness building

A review on Amway’s tips for successful business-building

Amway, founded in 1953 by Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos, is one of the popular direct selling and multi-level marketing companies.  At present, they operate in 80 countries with 3 million Independent Business Owners (IBO) worldwide.

If you’re looking for information about Amway, you can check their Business Reference Guide available online.  This contains the Amway compensation plan, qualifications and rewards for each level of distributorship, tips and tools for making your MLM business with Amway succeed, and more.

Amway’s Tips for Successful Business-Building

Included in Amway’s Business Reference Guide is the Successful Business-Building section.  They only give 3 tips, and I decided not to just lift a sentence out of an entire tip to make sure that nothing is taken out of context.

“Get to know the products.

Surf through AmwayGlobal.com to get familiar with the products.  Product sales are key to growing your business.  Think about which products you and others would most likely use again and again.

One way to get started is with the Product Intro Pack, a collection of some of our most popular, easiest to sell products.”

The Amway website mentions the “Optional Product Kit”, which costs $83.99 ($97.74 including shipping fees).  This kit sounds like the Optional Product Kit mentioned in the tip.  According to the website the kit is composed of Amway products for personal use or for sampling plus more marketing materials.

Feedbacks from some past IBOs report that although the kit is optional, recruiters stress out that it’s recommended.

“Introduce products to others.

Using products will help you talk about them with friends and family.  Tell them about your personal favorites, and they’ll likely be interested in buying them based on your enthusiasm and recommendation.  You can earn immediate income by offering products to customers at a price you determine over the price you pay.  Other places you can go for more information about promoting products include:

-Visit AmwayGlobal.com for product updates and new releases.

-Several Sales Kits are available for purchase on

Although no supporting facts are available online, some report that Amway Sales Kits for IBOs can cost somewhere between $80 and $500.  The good thing is IBOs can decide on how much they want to sell Amway products for.  However, since Amway products are available online, it would be difficult trying to sell them at a higher price to get more profit.

Amway website states that the average retail margin for their products is 29%.  Selling $1000 worth of Amway products give you an immediate income of only $290.  That’s not a good number, especially after you subtract the $62 Welcome Kit, $12 Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI) support fee, and the Sales Kits you’ve purchased.

“Build for profitability

You’ll have wide latitude in how you build your independent business.  But we’ve found that IBOs who build successful businesses experience the products first to become familiar with them, and then balance their efforts by selling products to non-IBO customers and sponsoring new IBOs who do the same.  In the meantime, successful IBOs enjoy the added benefit of buying great products at IBO Cost for their own use.”

“Sell and recruit” is the “Om” equivalent of MLM representatives.  Amway IBOs are not different.  Selling would give them an immediate income, but not as substantial as the bonuses and rewards if they recruit.  Amway reports that “the average gross monthly income earned by an ‘active’ IBO was $115”.  Furthermore, they state, “There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation.”


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