ACN Australia: Reaching out to the world

ACN Australia

ACN Australia: Reaching out to the world

ACN Australia was launched recently and has captured the market of telecommunications in the Pacific area. Operating in January 1993 in Michigan, ACN started as the marketing wing of LCI International. When LCI was bought by Qwest Communications, ACN owned 1/3 of the former. In June1997, ACN decided to go international and opened in Canada.  Now after twenty years, it has opened up ACN Australia as well as 22 other branches found in North America, Europe, the Pacific and Asia, and is known to be the world’s biggest direct supplier of telecommunications services.


It was in July 2000 when ACN emerged into a full-blast telecommunications company and offered the ACN long distance service. In 2003, after ten years of its creation, it gave its customers the opportunity to select the kind of local phone service provider they wanted. As of the present, they provide mobile and digital phones, residential and business phones, broadband internet, home security, and satellite TV. ACN Australia has its office at the Pacific Headquarters in Sydney.


ACN as well as ACN Australia has become so successful that they have been recognized in business publications that include Direct Selling News, Success from Home, Fortune Inc. 500, and USA Today. Billionaire Donald Trump has endorsed ACN in his TV show, the Celebrity Apprentice, both in 2009 and 2011.


ACN Australia offers mobile plus services where you could avail of a 2 year plan of mobile voice service. They also offer unlimited local, national and long distance calls via broadband connection. This gives you much savings rather than using the usual landline phone and being charged by the second every time you call. In addition to the unlimited calls, you could also utilize the unlimited ACN-to-ACN video calling in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


ACN Australia also offers home plans and home phones with additional free minutes of ACN-to-ACN calling. The home plans are especially advantageous to you if you are constantly communicating with people that include your family, friends, officemates and acquaintances. The charges for calls are so reasonable with their very minimal rates.


ACN offers both telecommunication services that can be used personally and for business transactions. For business purposes they have services such as the business phone, business mobile and mobile broadband. For the business phone, ACN offers affordable rates on calls made locally and nationally, and calls via cellular phones. What is good about this is it has no long-term commitment.


If you become a CAN dealer, its compensation plan allows you to make profits and earn bonuses. When you get a customer to avail of CAN services, you will get paid for as long as that customer is a subscriber of the service availed. This is called residual income and not all businesses offer such a unique compensation for its dealers. When you recruit dealers, you also get profits from their earnings and sales.

ACN Australia is doing its part to provide the traditionally excellent service its mother company offers to both its sales representatives and its customers.


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