ACN Income or Scam?

ACN Scam?

ACN Income or Scam?

Throughout the years ACN has garnered both criticism and praise for its works in the world of telecommunications. Surprisingly, much of the negativity surrounding this company is not about its products; rather, they’re mostly about their marketing strategy.

ACN is a company that employs a multilevel marketing strategy that involves getting people and paying them for their contributions, and the contributions of the people they have recruited. The person gets paid depending on his or her qualifications as outlined in the company’s compensation plan.

This type of strategy however is mostly the root cause of the complaints regarding the company. This is because the strategy resembles what is popularly known as a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes work via the same principles, however they are unsustainable and profits only go to the higher levels or leaders of the business. It is this similarity that has majority of future ACN representatives asking “is ACN a scam?”

To answer this question, people who are thinking about joining ACN must first leave their pretenses and take a look at the company itself. Being a globally recognized company that operates in over 20 different countries, ACN is a world leader. Countries such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom have all allowed the company to operate within their land.

Those who believe that ACN is a scam must also consider that corporations which focus on consumer protection have given high ratings to the ACN. One such corporation is the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has been dishing out reviews regarding the reliability of companies since 1912. In its most recent review, the BBB gave ACN a rating of A+ which is the highest rating for all types of businesses.

To determine if ACN is a scam, those thinking about joining should also take a look at the reputation of the company’s products. This company offers services such as the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which allows consumers to make calls using the internet. The company also has phone services which include both long distance and local call. They also have satellite television services, cellular phone services and even home security services.

With that being said, reviews of the products of ACN have all been consistently good. Many costumers are satisfied with the services being given to them. This makes the sales representatives of ACN believe in the value of their products, which is a good indication of the integrity of the company itself.

Donald Trump Sr., a business mogul and TV personality, has also indirectly answered the controversies about the said ACN scam. Mr. Trump is known for endorsing only the companies that he truly believes in, and ACN is one of them. It was in 2009 when he introduced ACN in his reality television show, the Celebrity Apprentice. Here, they also showed the company’s flagship product: the Iris 3000 videophone.

So considering all of these, is the ACN scam a fact or a myth? The answer is really very simple, ACN is not a scam. The mere fact that it has been approved in a number of countries shows that it is a legitimate business venture. What’s important for people to consider is not whether they believe that ACN scam, but if they believe that the company is the best source of income for them.


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