ACN Incorporated

ACN Incorporated

ACN Incorporated

Multi-level marketing companies have spread like wildfire lately and ACN Incorporated is one instigator of it. The company sells essential telecommunication products and services to people in 23 countries to date. Moreover, ACN Incorporated gives individual marketers a chance to earn money by joining their group and selling the company’s products themselves. This “pyramiding scheme” has been the reason for the filing of legal charges against ACN Canada a few years ago.

The American Communications Network, Inc (ACN Incorporated) was founded in 1992 bu Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano, and twins Tony and Mike Cupisz. A year later, ACN Incorporated became functional and started with 20 initial representatives. The company took the form of Multi-level marketing and earned more than $2 million in its first operating year. With the amazing first year revenues, ACN Incorporated was ranked by Inc. Magazine as the 22nd fastest growing private company in 1998. Furthermore, business magnate and famous celebrity Donald J. Trump endorses the company and has even gone to some seminars and orientations of ACN Incorporated to speak.

ACN Incorporated sells telecommunication essentials such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), high speed

Internet connection, Satellite Television, Mobile Phones, and Home Security Services. In 2011, ACN Incorporated has started branching out into selling applications for phones running Symbian, iOS, and Android. Today, ACN Incorporated covers 23 countries all over the world including Canada, South Korea, Belgium, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Sweden.

Growth of ACN Incorporated is supported by its legion of individual marketers. Each member has to pay $499 for a startup fee. Each individual who joins the team of ACN Incorporated as marketers will have the chance to earn money through the company’s compensation plan when they brought in new recruits or sell company products. However, Fox News 11 has reported many people complaining about not being able to earn money in the company and about being misled. In fact, in 2002 the Competition Bureau of Canada has pointed a finger at ACN Incorporated Canada of not being honest with the true earning potential of each individual in the team.


Moreover, ACN Canada has been charged with illegal pyramid scheme. However, the Halifax Provincial Court dismissed all charges pressed against the company in 2003. These issues have evolved because of the wrong type of people recruited by the company. Bob Stephan, Chairman of the Legal Advisory Committee of ACN Incorporated, has stated that the there are more marketers in the company that do not make money but defended ACN by stating that the company is merely offering earning opportunities to interested individuals.

ACN Incorporated is one way of earning money if you have the passion to market products. Not only that, the company provides great business opportunities for everyone; you just have to work hard.


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