ACN IRIS 3000 Videophone

ACN Video phone

ACN IRIS 3000 Video phone

Videophones are really good even if there is no true adoption of industry standards that allows one videophone call or video one another. Before, Packet8 was the last brand of videophone that survives but now, it seems that recently, ACN video phone joined the wagon and does well. Even if videophones take off slowly and subsidized, ACN video phone offers low cost and even free videophones to VoIP clients which is one of the best differences of ACN from all other competitors.


Making videophones interoperate would be a wise decision to be made by a single play provider. When customers sign up to ACN and gets ACN video phone, he is only able of video call Packet 8 videophones and cannot join any Packet8’s operation and services.  Their product have standards of SIP, H.264 and the likes which is one of the things that lets their users ask, “why does ACN video phone cannot interoperate?” Mobile phones are continuously adding some processing horsepower and embedded camera, having two ways of having video calls from Windows Mobile phone or even Apple iPhone needs to be viable because the quality and standard of the phone counts most.



Approximately, 5% of the residents are using ACN video phone and ACN noted that if someone conform their standard, their phones will be interoperated just like how they interoperated with Counterpath soft client. They repositioned their ACN video phone devices for SMBs rather than other residential uses and it seemed that there was increase in their sales. However, the total number of users is still fairly small than those of voce services markets.


ACN’s IRIS 3000 Videophone is a 7-inch large digital screen with a light-adjusting camera sensor, digital photo frame used for photo displaying, downloadable ringtones and as well as built-in video mail. DECT 6.0, an Uniden cordless phone and the ability to get news, weather, sports and other online contents can also be done in an IRIS 3000 ACN video phone. ACN have their promo video and according to it, IRIS 3000 videophone can hook up any Homeplug Turbo 85 Mbps adaptors to home phone lines for multi usage of the videophone all over the house.


When you sign up ACN’s broadband VoIP service that includes two-year contract and unlimited calls to US, Canada and Puerto Rico, the videophone itself is free. They also allow product termination that offers a pro-rated cancellation fee which is relatively lower if made early.ACN IRIS 3000 ACN video phone is really a good product.


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