ACN Telecommunications: An Honest Review

ACN telecommunications

ACN Telecommunications: An Honest Review

Since its establishment in 1993 the American Communications Network, or more popularly known as ACN, has built itself into one of the best international telecommunications company in the world. This company has achieved this feat using a strategy called multi-level marketing. This strategy involves providing an opportunity to individuals to earn money at home by turning them into sales personnel. Each member gets compensation for his or her own contributions to the company, as well as for the contributions of each person that he or she entices to join.

It is through the use of this strategy that ACN telecommunications has managed to climb to the top spot. Critics of the company however have given nothing but negative feedbacks for the company and its marketing strategy. Some would even go as far as saying that ACN telecommunications is a pyramid scheme which is a form of fraud.

The Good

Through the years ACN telecommunications has been accused of being a scam. But the mere fact that ACN has been approved in over 20 different countries means that it is legal and it does work. The company has also been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. The company has even been endorsed by Mr. Donald Trump himself in his reality TV show, the Celebrity apprentice. This company is currently at the top of its game in terms of global telecommunications.

Despite the huge number of negative feedbacks, ACN telecommunications does have some wordy warriors for its team. One review published by an ACN representative stated that ACN provided the opportunity he needed to be his own boss. He also stated that in a time where many large companies were having layoffs, ACN provided the perfect means of gaining income which helped him get by.

Another representative stated that being a member of the marketing team made him benefit from discounts in services that he was already using and paying for anyway. Another satisfied representative highlighted that ACN telecommunications is beneficial for those traveling internationally because it gives you the permit to work in over 20 countries.

Representatives also agree that the ACN compensation plan is indeed fair because it provides good commissions if you are willing to do the work.

The Bad

Beneath all of these positive comments however still lie a number of negative reviews and criticisms about the company. Majority of the reviews of unsatisfied ACN representatives go along the same lines: the income is slow and small. They stated that they didn’t get a return of investment for their initial contribution of $499. One particular reviewer and representative even stated that the company owed him over $1500 because he was required to buy some products of the company for him to be able to market them effectively.

Another comment these critics had about ACN telecommunications is that its trainers and speakers did not focus on training them to become successful representatives. They commented that the trainers were only focused on recruiting and sugaring up the company’s business plan so that the listeners would be instantly hooked.

These criticisms have led other reviewers to conclude that ACN is a scam and have made them discourage new people from joining the company.

The Bottom Line

As mentioned above, ACN telecommunications is a company that is truly legitimate and ACN representatives need not worry about it being a scam. For those thinking about joining, or have already joined but are unsure of their standing, the question to be asked is not whether ACN is a fraud, but if ACN is indeed the most suitable means of earning an income for them.

There are people who have made a lot of money using the company, but these people have managed to break away from just recruiting and selling within the circle of their friends and families. Some of them have even gone as far as going to the streets and talking to strangers just to get a new recruit. This type of strategy can be uncomfortable for people, which makes them fail in this type of business venture.

In truth, because of the competition and the number of players involved, analysts have said that 97% of the people who engage in this type of business fail. But again, this is not because of the system itself. People who want to join have to consider their own personal considerations and reservations before signing up. It takes a lot to be a member of that successful 3%. But those who do become part of that small statistic all say three very important words, “It’s worth it.”


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