ACN Telecommunications

ACN Telecommunications

ACN Telecommunications

ACN Telecommunications is a multilevel marketing company based in Michigan which started its operations over a decade ago. As a company using a pyramid scheme, ACN Telecommunications recruit members to market their wide selection of communication essential products. Sales representatives of ACN Telecommunications earn money though the company’s compensation plan.

In 1993, the American Communications Network, popularly known as ACN Telecommunications, was established in Troy, Michigan. The company is powered by an army of sales representatives that earn through its compensation plan. ACN Telecommunications relies heavily on individual marketers to promote and sell their products to overseas countries. Today, ACN Telecommunications covers more than 20 countries which include the USA, Canada, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom among others. Its mission is to connect family and friends with its reliable communication and home services.

The line of products of ACN Telecommunications is composed of communication essentials. The list includes items from Satellite TV’s, Energy, Home Security, Wireless, Video Phone Services, Phone Services, Computer Support, High Speed Internet, and Small Business. Selling of the company’s products is done by their external marketers which are individuals seeking for opportunities to earn extra money. An effective method since selling products personally, especially products that have after-sales services, will develop a personal connection. This, in turn, will be the reason for a customer to stay and less vulnerable to discontinue the service.

Being a member of the growing team of marketers for ACN Telecommunications requires an initial startup fee which is at $499. This amount would cover fees for trainings, seminars, and orientations given by the company to its marketers. These activities are aimed to helping members become effective sales persons and bring in more cash. The compensation plan of ACN Telecommunications allows an individual to earn more cash if he or she is able to sell more products and recruit more members. Aside from the initial fee for ACN Telecommunications, members of the company shall also pay $149 yearly for renewal of membership. Also, an amount of $10 a month shall be paid by the members to ACN Telecommunications for other various fees. What is encouraged for members of ACN Telecommunications is to develop a thick face. This is needed for them to face the inevitable rejections that they would face during the course of their marketing life. ACN Telecommunications is a trusted brand in the global communications arena but there are many competitors that are also global. This has become the reason for the competition to become tough and ACN Telecommunications marketers should keep up to it.

Direct selling or pyramiding type of business has seen exponential growth over the past years; ACN Telecommunications is not exempted.


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