Amsoil Australia

Amsoil Australia

Amsoil Australia

You probably have heard about the Amsoil company, which is the leading distributor of synthetic lubricants and gears for almost any cars. If you are living in the Australian continent, then you surely are one lucky guy because Amsoil USA, the parent company just appointed Engine Care Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. as a distributor of their products in the Asia –pacific region.

For all we know, Amsoil has already been there for a long time, and what really makes it very famous and successful is not just its famous product line, but its’ unusual marketing strategy which is network marketing. Amsoil is an MLM company which uses a pyramid style of distributing the profits throughout their associates, this way, the bigger the pyramid is, the more distributors will come.

In Amsoil, associates or dealers are able to create retail accounts for individual selling and commercial accounts for commercial selling. The more products the dealers sells, the more commission he gets. And also, like any MLM company, Amsoil dealers or associates are encouraged to invite and recruit new downlines. Sponsoring successful downlines will give the recruiter/ sponsor more commission on the profits of his downlines.

With Amsoil’s track record of success on its field, a lot new dealers have been joining the company yearly, and some of these dealers really get rich in such a short time. If you are looking to venture yourself on something that is really profitable – then I suggest you to join Amsoil, they are not just proven and tested but also their products are very saleable. Being the consistent leader in the industry for consecutive years, Amsoil products have really earned the respect and the patronage of common consumers.

If you are in doubt of the Amsoil’s success, then here are some of their achievements;

• The first company to ever produce a synthetic lubricant, motor oils that have been rated 100% OK by the API

• First in the industry to produce synthetic motor oils for basic cars with diesel engines, racing engines and turbo engines.

• They are the first manufacturers of synthetic motor oils, lubricants, transmission fluids and etc.

• Amsoil’s product have been used by NASCAR racers, if you think they are special products, then think again. The racing team of Amsoil uses the lubricants, oils of Amsoil that can be bought by anyone straight from the shop.

• It has extended drain intervals which means a cleaner environment for the next generation.

Furthermore, Amsoil has kept their top spot because of hardwork and constant research. Even with their large gap wih their competitors, Amsoil still continues to research and develop new products that will certainly outshine any new product that will be introduced by the competitors. Also, Amsoil have always valued their distributors greatly. Few years ago, Amsoil just turned down an exclusive distributorship agreement with a company in order to save its distributors. Through this great leadership, Amsoil has been getting a lot of respect in and out of the industry.



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