Amway Center, Home of Leagues

Amway Center

Amway Center, Home of Leagues

There is an entertainment and sports center and venue found on Orlando, Florida called Amway Center. It is located on the downtown area of Downtown Orlando Master Plan 3 which is a plan that includes some development and improvements in the Citrus Bowl and to new performing arts centers in Florida. When talking about Orlando Magic of NBA, Amway Center is always on the line because it is its home and as well as of the Orlando Predators of the AFL. Amway Center will be hosting the 2012 NBA All-Star Game. It has also been the home of other events and concerts just like the famous WWE Monday night last November 22, 2010 and the WWE Smackdown which debuted last May 3,1011 up to the May 6 episode. Amway Center has also been a candidate host for the famous event of ArenaBowl XXIV in 2011. It is known to be the Dwight House of Florida all over the world.

Before the Downtoen Master Plan 3, Amway Center was known to be an Orlando Magic ownership which was led by the famous billionaire, Amway. He was the founder of Richard DeVos and the son-in-law Bob Vander Weide is also known to be pressing the City of Orlando in Florida to become a new arena fr nearly ten years for it to be a well-known place all over the world. Amway Center was established in the year 1989 before there came technologically advances entertainment areas anywhere in the world. Because of rush building and development, it became the new venue of the NBA and as well as other sports events all over the country and as well as of other places which made it as ine of the first arenas of the league.

During 1990s, the team was threatened to find another place for their arena,  even if there are threats for the imminent departure that died down after the September 11 attacks, still there remained the speculation. Amway Center have consulted many analysts and most of them have suggested to have the newer arenas in Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Even on Las Vegas. After on and off negotiations on September 29,2006, the mayor of Orlando, Buddy Dyer , Orange county Mayor Richard Coty and as well as the Orlando Magic announced the final decision of having the new arena in the downtown of Orlando which is located at the Northwest corner of Church Street and Hughey Avenue in Florida.

Amway Center has received the first right of refusal for the naming rights to the new arena as part of the Amway’s naming right to the prior Amway Arena.


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