Amway In Australia

Amway In Australia

Amway In Australia

In Australia, many are being allured to the multi-level marketing business opportunity offered by a direct selling company named Amway.  Started in 1971, the company has constantly sold products way above the sales plateau of one hundred million Australian dollars (A$100M) per year it achieved since the early 1990’s. The reason for this is the attractive array of products it offers, which are consistently high in quality. Naturally, the people engaged in selling their products are always inspired and look forward to the bonanza of income they can get out of the sales of the products.


Amway in Australia has been in the direct selling market for so long that it has become an example or model for many direct selling outfits world wide. In some years past, Amway’s selling operations were branded by the authorities as improper, dishonest and manipulative. Today, these accusations are generally believed to be untrue and without basis, but some people and organizations still question the propriety of the methods employed by some multi-level marketing networks, Amway included.

The ease of selling Amway’s products is the main reason why many are attracted to join their sales organization.  There are more than 100,000 Amway distributors organized to help sell its products. The technical support provided by the company in product knowledge and selling techniques adds more to their desire to join the company and invest some amount of capital to start the business of selling Amway products.  Of course, profit is the main motivation for the sales people.  Additional income is also gained if they recruit more sales persons whereby they can earn over riding commissions on sales done by the new recruits. Typical of the multilevel system of marketing, more commissions are earned if the recruits themselves recruit even more sales people to join the sales force and sell Amway products. Stories of how salesmen made lots of money by selling Amway products and organizing sales groups abound in the web pages of the internet.  More and more people testify to the tremendous income earned from selling Amway products.

Amway has never been complacent when it comes to maintaining the quality of the company’s products. It continuously uses all means to improve the quality and performance of its products. Year after year, awards given by prestigious consumer organizations are bestowed on many of its products.  Amway realizes that because of its high turnover of sales, the manufacturing companies supplying the products can very well afford to provide financing to make upgrades to the old products and developing new ones for introduction to the market.

Usually, products of general use are the easiest items to push or introduce to the general market. The thrust of the multi-level companies is to introduce new consumer products that are better in terms of performance and efficiency. Amway has done its part by introducing many types of quality products into the consumer market. Its line of products includes products used at home, like cosmetics, personal care products and dietary supplements. It has even diversified to insurance, electronics and water purifiers. All these product development efforts are for the ever growing sales force to sell, fortifying the conviction of those who believe that multi-level marketing companies contribute to the welfare and development of the community and its citizenry.


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