Amway Vitamins Still Number One

Amway Vitamins

Amway Vitamins: Still Number One

With today’s instant world that is fast paced and no time for sickness, vitamin products have erupted like wild flames and so are vitamin producing companies such as Amway Vitamins. The company has been established in 1959 with a major purpose of selling items that are health, beauty, and home care related. Amway Vitamins is considered number in its area because of the thorough process that was done to produce their products.

Before 1934, people do not know the power of vitamins and minerals supplements. It was in this same year that Carl Rehnborg, founder of Nutrilite and Multi-level Marketing, introduced multi-vitamins. Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos were members of the Nutrilite marketing team. Over time, they grew their downline to more than 5,000 individuals that are all concerned about the company’s stability. This is why in 1959; the two top marketers formed The American Way Association (now known as Amway Vitamins). Amway Vitamins was intended to sell and distribute products of Nutrilite and look for more products to market. The very first product that Amway Vitamins sold was Frisk. Van Andel and DeVos brought the rights to manufacture and distribute this organic cleaner that is developed by a scientist in Ohio.

Today, the product line of Amway Vitamins has greatly increased making their portfolio quite thick. Amway Vitamins now has different product brands such as Artistry, Beautycycle, Time Defiance, Pure White, Artistry Essentials, Tolsom, Satinique, Glister, Body Series, Nutriway, Nutrilite, Moiskin, eSpring, iCook, Atmosphere, and XL and XS Energy Drinks. The largest selling brand of Amway Vitamins is the Nutrilite which cashes in more than $3 billion and it also has the highest customer satisfaction rating which garnered 96% in 2006. Not only that, this brand of Amway Vitamins also has the products which were the first dietary supplements certified by NSF International.

The success of the brands of Amway Vitamins and their respective products is due to the thorough examination and selection process of their raw ingredients. Amway Vitamins has more than 6,400 acres of farmland all over the world. These lands were selectively picked and one of the criteria for selection is land health. Amway Vitamins does not use pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers that are synthetic for Amway Vitamins only uses natural sustainable ways of controlling weeds and pests in its fields. After harvesting, the ingredients will undergo a rigorous formulation process in order to finally produce the finished Amway Vitamins product.

Amway Vitamins has proven itself strong against the tests of time and issue that were thrown at it. Moreover, its products have gained the respect not only from its valued clients and individual marketers but also from renowned and respected scientific organizations.


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