Amway’s Move To Australia

Amway Australia

Amway’s Move To Australia

In a vision to share their blessings and to help Australians live their lives better, the Amway Corporation in the USA decided to expand their company overseas. Amway Australia is the first expansion of the Amway Corporation. It was founded on 1971 when the US Company decided to distribute their healthcare, cosmetics and homecare products worldwide. Like Amway Corporation, Amway Australia offers a lot of opportunity to people to earn lots of money by managing their own business and have the luxury of spending their own time.

Like Amway Corporation, Amway Australia also uses the network marketing to distribute their products; they have reached over 100,000 in distributors in 2000 and is currently growing. Amway Australia is based on Castle Hill, New South Wales in Sydney. Amway Australia is one of the largest companies in the Australia continent today distributing to Australian and New Zealand market. Amway Australia boasts a 74,332 square meters of warehouse complex.

When Amway Australia was first founded, it quickly registered 400 distributors in its first month. In its first few months, Amway Australia was doing good in the market. However problems about quality control caused by local manufacturers soon decreased the sales. Higher management then decided to ship products from the US Amway headquarters in order to ensure quality control among their product lines. Slowly Amway Australia regained their profits, and by 1993, their wholesale reached 148 million Australian dollars. Today, only 30% of Amway Australia’s product came from Australian manufacturers the 70% of the products came from their affiliates overseas.

1998, Amway Australia reached 198 million dollars in sales with distributors over 100,000 countrywide and selling over 2,500 different Amway products. Also in the same year, the Amway Australia launched their first internet based ordering system, where consumers / buyers can order their products online, the system was called ELVIS – Electronic Link Via Internet Services that generated the company a total sales of 15.9 million dollars in the month of July. However, by 2000, Elvis was replaced by a2k which paved way for Amway.

Australia to be one of the first Amway affiliates to introduce a new business model the IMC ( I- independent business owner, M- member classification and C – client) . With the new business model, Amway Australia was able to partner with not just their affiliates but also to other companies such as IBM, Petals and AFS financial services.

By 2000, Amway was then considered the largest direct selling company in the Australian continent with annual sales of more than 170 million dollars and a 100,000 network of distributors.
By 2010, it was reported that less than majority of the people joining the company was under the age of 30. To increase their recruits, Amway Australia adapted social media such as facebook and twitter in their communication networks.

Famous endorsers of Amway Australia includes famous swimmer Libby Trickett and Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist.

Today Amway Australia distributes a selected number of product line that includes; nutriway (nutrilite in other countries), artistry, XS energy drink, Emma Page Jewellery and etc.


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