Arbonne Product Reviews

Arbonne products

Arbonne Products Reviews

Arbonne is a cosmetics company founded in 1975 by a Swiss business man named Petter Morck. He, along with chemist Pierre Bottiglieri, developed the first line of creams that 5 years later, Morck would bring to America.

The company prides itself in producing high-quality skin and body care products that are produced with all-natural ingredients such as herbs, roots, and fruits. They have expanded from simple skin creams to a variety products for both men and women. Through the years Arbonne products have gained popularity in the cosmetics world and are steadily developing a larger fan base each day.

Anti-Aging Creams

Arbonne has two products for anti-aging namely their RE9 Advanced series and a product called Revelâge.The RE9 Advanced is an anti-aging cream that promises to decrease the user’s signs of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has components that helps keep skin clear and acne free. Majority of clients agree that the cream is very effective. Some users even claimed that results were noticeable even on the first application. However, a handful of users claim that the new revisions of the RE9 Advanced cause allergic reactions even to long-time users.

Another anti-aging Arbonne product is the Revelâge. This product prevents age spots and freckles by targeting darkened areas from the deeper layers of the skin, thus preventing the darkening pigments to get pushed up to the top. Users of the product agree that it also works fast, allowing them to have noticeably brighter skin after the first applications. The only negative feedback about the product is that it greatly stings when it hurts the eyes.

Skin and Body Care

Arbonne products that focus on skin and body care are the FC5 set, Arbonne Clear Advantage, ABC: Arbonne Baby Care, and Arbonne Intelligence.

Arbonne’s FC5 are a set of cleansers for the face, body, and hair. This line of products was developed specifically for people who have oily skin. Users have found that it successfully prevents oil production, without damaging or drying up the skin. Some users have found however that this product works only for oily skin and not for normal or dry skin. This is because users have found that the product can cause severe allergic reactions with prolonged use on non-oily skin.

The Arbonne Clear Advantage is a product that helps prevent acne by gently cleaning the pores to eliminate the dirt which germs thrive on. This product also has generally good reviews. One specific user however commented that after 4 weeks of use, her face broke out with acne instead of the product preventing them.

Arbonne Baby Care is a line of skin care products specifically formulated for the sensitive skin of babies. Mothers who have tried this product agree that they are effective for dry skin. One mother stated that the product was effective after a week of continuous use. Some reviews however stated that it is ineffective for diaper rashes. One mother even commented that it was difficult to put on her son because it didn’t stick on her son’s skin properly.

Arbonne Intelligence products are general skin products focused on rejuvenating the skin. Most users agree that it prevents dry skin. However, they also agree that it does not provide the “relaxing, after spa treatment” feel that the product promises to give. Another user commented that she did not much care for the smell of the cream and that her cats would not come near her when she had the cream on.


Arbonne cosmetics products also get generally positive reviews from users. Majority of them stated that they are easy to apply and that they feel natural. Some users however noted that the product gives them some allergic reactions, although none specified their skin type, or if they used to product with other products.

Health and Wellness

Arbonne products for Health and Wellness include Arbonne Essentials – Daily Essentials and Fit Essentials, and SeaSource Detox Spa.

Arbonne’s Daily Essentials are a set of products made specifically to provide antioxidants, vitamins and minerals necessary a person’s daily activities. Daily essentials comes in a variety of offers such as Daily Power Packs, Super Chews for Kids & Teens, Antioxidant & Immunity Booster, Digestion Plus, Omega-3 Plus, and more. Users have had great reviews for these products, specially commenting on the wide variety which gives them the ability to choose the products best for them.

On the other hand, Arbonne’s Fit Essentials is a line of products focused on helping usesrs lose weight in a healthy and natural way. This set is a combination of shakes, fizz tablets, chewables and more. Many users commented that it works great even without any added exercise.

SeaSource Detox Spa is a 7-Day Body Cleanse Dietary Supplement that aims at detoxifying the body for a fresher and cleaner feel. Users are quite split in terms of the reviews of this product. Some users stated that they loved the product and that they found that they had glowing skin even just after the first day. Some users however noted that they felt like they were drained and had no energy to do anything after using the product.

The Bottom Line

Arbonne products are steadily being known in the global market because customers get what the products promise they would give. One thing that users all agree upon is that the products are not “frugal friendly.” These products do charge huge prices for tiny amounts of products.  Still, may users continuously buy these products because they do go a long way (usually, a tiny amount is all you need for the product to work).

Another problem that users encounter with these products is that some of them cause severe allergic reactions despite its claim to be natural products. What’s good is that the company addresses this by allowing users to try the products for a certain period of time before they have to buy them.

Arbonne products generally get good ratings from professional reviewers and users alike. Many believe in the products of the company and have recommended them to their friends and families. What’s important to note here is that users should first consider all of the facts and consult experts before buying any product.


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