Avon Australia: Empowering Women

Avon Australia

Avon Australia: Empowering Women

Avon Australia opened up in 1963, seventy-seven years after its creation by David McConnell, a door-to-door salesman selling perfumes in New York. Avon Australia has emerged as the highest direct selling business in the country with millions of customers and thousands of sales representatives. It has come a long way from the time McConnell founded and renamed it to Avon from The California Perfume Company in 1939. Its first agent was a Mrs. Albee and she was hired before women were allowed to vote. It was Mrs. Albee who designed the marketing and sales strategy of Avon.

Right now, Avon Australia helps its mother company, Avon, to still be the world’s biggest direct selling company of beauty products and women’s apparel. They are estimated to make a worldwide profit of $10 billion every year. With its presence felt in more than 150 countries, it also has almost 6 million sales representatives. Avon Australia envisions itself to be the provider of women’s needs through its products and services in Australia. It continues to innovate and improve the goods they manufacture for their customers.

What makes Avon Australia and other Avon companies worldwide different from other beauty product manufacturers is that they engage people in their business and give them the opportunity to grow as well. A lot of people have become rich with Avon with very little capital as investment. Avon Australia has also helped women be more confident with their financial gains as well as the friends and social network they make stemming from the business. The act of recruiting other sales representatives and helping them start their Avon business is so unique and imitated by other companies.

The products Avon make are scrutinized, researched and developed by experts in the Avon laboratories in New York. They see to it that the goods they make would be able to give the necessities of their women clients. They also pioneered the No to Animal Testing advocacy and the production of AHA beauty products that infiltrated the market and have become a huge success.

Beauty is not the only mission of Avon. They have started crusades against cancer and violence against women. They have shown their dedication and commitment to protect women’s health and raised money for victims of such. They have also visited hospitals all over Australia and conducted workshops for women and patients to look good and feel better about them. They have even come up with a newsletter entitled “Look Good, Feel Better”.

One famous product of Avon is their Anew product that is known to improve skin texture and make one look younger. They also have the eye cream Lighten Up that removes dark circles and refreshes the eye area. Their Avon Moisture Therapy for Hands also softens dry hands and make them look and feel younger. It does not have the usual greasy feeling of lotions and prevents cracking and bleeding of the hands.

Avon Australia continues to boom and just like its branches in other countries, they help empower and develop women of all ages, nation, religion and race.


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