Avon cosmetics rocks!

Avon cosmetics

Avon cosmetics rocks!

Avon cosmetics are among the leading products made by the Avon products, Inc. As one of the leading industries for cosmetics, Avon has produced products including perfume, toys, and cosmetics and made them avaiable to vairous markets in 135 countries worldwide. With the efforts of its company chairman Andrea Jung who is promoted in 1999 and the rest of the associates, Avon increases its sales upto $7.4 billion providing avon cosmetics to the avid users of the products.

Recently, Avon has discovered that most of the growing markets happen in China and Russia. Though Avon is used to follow the direct-selling system, in China, people often purchase avon cosmetics through retail stores. In 1990, the door to door selling of avon cosmetics was banned in China but it did not slow the continuous increase of sales of Avon products.

Avon cosmetics are made for the benefit of women but they are not exclusively made for women alone. It is true that majority of buyers of avon cosmetics is women but men somehow needs to take care of their own skin. Avon then thought that creating avon products for men would increase sales and promote equality. As a result, they made skin care products for men which satisfy their needs to maintain their good grooming and appeal.

Avon continues to work for innovations as its manufacturers consider even the needs of the children. Avon produces toys of various designs and bathing stuff such as shampoos and bubble bath to entertain kids while bathing. Avon has just made two new brands namely M and Mark to sell avon cosmetics in the most easy way possible. As an Avon catalogue, M allows men to identify the best avon cosmetics for their daily use. On the other hand, Mark served as a product line that featured latest and most common Avon products that attract younger generation.

Avon’s concern is not only to earn profit. The company, through its business, helps  globally in the enhancement of health and women empowerment. That is why, for every Avon product a customer would buy, he or she is helping many abused women, cancer patients, and victims of domestic violence to strive for life. Avon participated to a lot of global issues which need to be resolved. The company’s continuous moral and financial support aids the needy people across the globe to fight for their rights and lives.


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