Avon Product Review

Avon Product Review

Avon Product Review

The company is undoubtedly one of the most famous and largest direct selling and MLM company in the world. From just being a small perfume company back in 1990s operating only in one city, it has grown today into one of the largest company in the world distributing not just perfumes but also a lot of products from female cosmetics to children and male apparels. Avon truly has a lot of products to offer to each and everyone.

If you are looking for a product review on one of Avon’s most famous and stable products – lipsticks, then you better stick with this article, as I will be giving you a detailed information about Avon’s Smooth minerals Lipstick, one of their latest hits that have been capturing a lot of attention.

Avon’s smooth mineral lipstick, as Reese Witherspoon said in her Avon advertisement is Avon’s first 100% pure organic and natural lipstick that gives luminous and vibrant color that is very gentle to the lips. It contains Mega moisture complex with nourishing shea butter and conditioning oils that keeps lips soft and smooth. It also has minerals that helps brings the vibrancy of any female’s lips. Furthermore, Avon’s first mineral lipstick is odorless, dye-free and preservatives free. It is enriched with vitamins with SPF 15 that protects the lips from external harm.

Avon’s mineral lipsticks are offered in the following shades of color for you to have variety of choices;

• Pink quartz –this shade is perfect for teenagers who are just starting to build their first make up kits. The pink shade is perfect for their innocent and youthful look, and it is very proper in going to the school with its light shade.

• Plum Craze – a very versatile shade, perfect for everyday use. The plum craze is like a combination of pale pink and less red, which makes it look like pink brown. With its’ versatile look, it is perfect for females going to their daily jobs.

• Cranberry – the shade perfect for kissing. This shade will make your lips very luscious and kissable. If you girls want to have the perfect kiss with your boyfriends, then wearing this shade of Avon’s mineral lipstick will give that great kissing experience.

• Apricot Glow – with its’ shimmering light peach, the Apricot glow is perfect for those who have dry or pigmented lips. It will give your lips a very solid layer without hiding its’ natural color.

• Rose brown – probably the most serious color of all the available shades. Perfect for serious female professionals in presenting during works in front of the board of directors. It has a mature shade of red, not that seducing red. A very formal shade perfect for female’s who are still afraid of red lipsticks.

With Avon’s smooth mineral lipsticks, women will enjoy the feeling of not having that tight feeling in their lips while wearing a very nice lipstick. Furthermore, a lot of lipsticks out in the market have side effects that sometimes causes allergies in our lips, which is like one of the biggest no-no’s in females. If you want to have a happy experience with your cosmetics, then having Avon by yourside will assure you of that.


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