Avon Representative

Avon Representative

What is a Avon Representative?

The Avon Company has a wide array of products such as make-up, skin care, bath and body care, hair care, fragrance, clothing, jewelry, and toys. Most of these products are for the everyday and modern women although they also have some products designed for men and children.

The modern women nowadays are very versatile and very career-oriented. These are the two best characteristics an Avon representative has. Most Avon representatives are women since women are the best marketers for the set of products Avon has to offer. These Avon representatives are also called “Avon ladies” although slowly and steadily there have already been a growing number of men joining the company.

There are over 5 million representatives worldwide who are using Avon’s simple, proven process for financial and personal success.

Through the years, Avon representatives have brought beauty into the lives of women. Initially, they started at home through door-to-door sales and brochures to advertise their product. Next, Avon representatives, started to bring it their workplace, to their colleagues and to their friends. Now, they also have it online where they have eRepresentatives selling through online shops to customers.

Essentially, Avon representatives depend primarily on their brochure. These brochures are being handed out to their friends, family, or just about anyone who is and may be interested in the products, and hopefully buys some products on it. Once these brochures are being handed out, the Avon representative has to collect it and any of the orders. They will then pass the orders on to the company, and soon deliver it to the customers.

As an Avon representative, you can make your own money, choose and make your own hours, and even work at home or online. You get to market the products anytime, anywhere, whichever way you want it to be-whatever you’re comfortable with and whatever suits your lifestyle. As an Avon Representative, you get to have a certain % profit on all the products you sell over $75, and of course, the more you sell, the higher the % profit is.

When you opt to become an Avon representative, there is no start up investment- that means that is free to start your own business. You can start by selling to your own circle of friends, family, office mates, and later on expand to a bigger territory. Upon joining, you get to receive an Avon kit containing brochures- which covers the whole range of products including of course, the latest product additions, samples and just about everything you need to get started and make money immediately.

Avon has a Leadership Program which was launched in 1992. This is the company’s voluntary network marketing opportunity offered to all Avon representatives who enjoy helping others and who want to establish career-level earnings. After participating with the program, Avon representatives can now start to recruit, train and mentor teams to work for collective success. They can also earn bonuses from the sales of their team.

With Avon, you run your own business. Soar as high as you like and there’s no limit to your success.


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