Avon Unbiased Review

Avon Unbiased Review

Avon Unbiased Review

Avon is definitely the one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world today. It has been operating in almost all markets around the world since you guys were born. It’s track record of success has proven its stability to stay on top of the market for several decades.

If you want to learn more about the Avon company and their products, then this review will prove to be very useful in your information for valuable and unbiased information.

First of all, you guys should know that I am not working for the Avon company or any of affiliates. This comprehensive review is a product of months of research, observation and interview from various Avon dealers.

Avon has been founded, ironically by a guy named Mr. David McConell in 1986. Back then, Mr. David McConell was a normal door-to-door book salesman. In order to sell his books, Mr. McConell decided to give sample perfumes to his women customers when selling them his books. Later, Mr. McConell found out that the his women customers were more interested in his sample perfumes than his books for sale. That lead to Mr. McConell to leave the book selling industry and jump into the perfume industry. He formed the California Perfume Company, which later was changed into Avon in 1939.

Following the success of Mr.McConell’s perfume company, Avon today has been distributing not just perfume but various cosmetics for women such as lipsticks, powders, lip glosses, foundations, make-ups, jewelry for women and men, rings, necklaces, earrings, etc and even children toys. Recently, the Avon company has been selling male products. Certainly, Avon will still grow and distribute a lot of products you can’t even imagine them, and they will not just be for women , but for all sexes.

Avon company is an MLM company or multi-level company which is like other MLM companies, is a target for most and scam issues. The reason that MLM companies are often bombarded with these issues is that MLM companies use network marketing in distributing their products. Network marketing is marketing strategy in which distributors of MLM companies are compensated with additional benefits and commissions for their additional sales or referrals to the company. It works like a pyramid system in which a distributor must set up his own network of distributors, the larger your network is, the larger your benefits you receive.

Thus, in order to be successful in network marketing, one should exert a lot of effort into creating his/ her own network of active distributors. For all I know, with Avon’s track record of success throughout the years, unproven claims of their scam issues and false compensation plan will just be junked like trash.

In the Avon company, there are even classes of distributors depending on their sales. The more yearly sales you give to your company, the higher the class you belong to, and the higher your class, the more benefits you can have. Below are the classes of Avon distributors;

• Distributors with over $10,000 of sales will belong to the President’s club;
• Over than $20,000 will get them promoted to the Honor Society;
• Rose Circle will be the place for distributors who have sales more than 38,000 yearly;
• McConell club for those who have $66,500 sales;
• Having $112,000 annual sales will get the distributor to the President’s Council;
• And lastly, distributors with over $280,000 sales will get them inducted to the inner circle.

With all that benefits, one can safely say that Avon company is a very stable company that will be in the industry for as long as we live. And scam and fraud complains on the company will always be there as long as there is competition in the market.


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