Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products International, Inc. is a multi-billion dollar company based in Scottsdale, Arizona and is a multi-level marketing (MLM) distribution company where distributors are mainly part-time agents selling products online and locally using in-person presentations. They sell dozens of wellness and beauty products including aloe vera and bee derived drinks, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and personal care products in over 145 countries.

Forever Living Products was founded by Rex Maughan in the USA in 1978. He has a degree in Business from Arizona State University and over 40 years of practical experience and leadership. He aspired for something far better than just supporting his family and ending constant exhaustion. He wanted to achieve better health and financial freedom. With this constantly in his mind, his vision has taken Forever Living Products from a smart idea to a worldwide enterprise that enhances the lives of millions.

Initially, Rex proposed a very simple business idea to his closest family and friends. That is to offer consumable products to the public that are proven to promote lasting wellness and good health, to do it in a personal way instead of just dumping big bucks into traditional advertising, and to compensate anyone willing to share these products with their family and friends.

Forever Living Products also secured its own aloe vera plantations, manufacturing and packaging plants, and storage facilities, thus eliminating the need for third-party vendors. This idea sprang because Rex knew it wasn’t in the best interest of Forever Living to rely on other third-party vendors to deliver the kind of quality he demanded.

Forever Living Products main office is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Through the years, Forever Living Products has shown dramatic growth and is currently trading in excess of $2 billion per annum. The company is cash rich and has substantial assets world-wide. Forever Living has a proven track record and a management team that is unchanged in nearly 30 years. Forever Living is a global operation with over 7.5 million distributors, who are able to build an international network from their home country knowing that the full resources of the company are behind them.

Forever Living Products is not just a company that focuses on its millions. They also created an organization called Forever Giving that partners with other charitable organizations globally who shares the same passion for improving the human experience. Forever Giving focuses on making a difference throughout the world by providing funds, facilities, and education to help fight against poverty, hunger, and lack of medical services available for children. The foundation also supports relief efforts in response to natural disasters in the areas they operate and in their donor communities.

Forever Living Products is a stable company with a proven track record of growth and profitability. It is a successful and a solid company.


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