Gear up to Acquire and Recruit ACN MLM support to Representatives


Gear up to Acquire and Recruit: ACN MLM support to Representatives

When outlined, compensation plans for legit MLM companies like ACN, do look like a pyramid. This is not to point out that all MLM companies are pyramid schemes. I’m saying if you take out the support from the down-lines, the entire system collapses.

MLM companies are heavy on sales training, motivation seminars, and marketing support all for their representatives. ACN, for instance, relies on their representatives on both acquisition of customers and recruitment of more representatives. Today, ACN has markets in more than 20 countries. In just 18 years in the direct selling and MLM, ACN is now a $500 million telecommunications company.

Acquire + Recruit = Bigger Sales + Bigger Sales

Brand recall is vital in sales. For people to be more likely to purchase your product, they have to know and remember it. In MLM, recruiting representatives is one way to boost brand recall. The more people there are to spread the word, the more chances of people buying your product.

The heart of every business is in sales. One important thing that sets ACN apart from pyramid schemes is that they emphasize the goal of selling ACN products and services. Acquisition of customers makes the company’s life long and stable. After all, why manufacture or offer something when nobody is buying it?

ACN rewards their representatives by the number of customers they acquire and the number of representatives they recruit. As we already know, acquiring customers and recruiting representatives both help sales.

Gearing Up Representatives to Acquire and Recruit Better

In any battle, you must be prepared in all aspects. It is simply foolish to be investing in a business you have totally no knowledge of or tools to get you started and succeed.

ACN understands the need of entrepreneurs to have better knowledge and skills in their chosen venture. With that, they see to it that their ACN representatives are geared up and ready to acquire and recruit.

Greg Provenzano and Tony Cupisz are two of the four ACN founders who are in charge of equipping their representatives with the right and competitive tools. ACN representatives take part in what they call the ACN communication channels:

ACN’s Success System – a start-up kit for new representatives to jumpstart them into their MLM business.

Local, regional and international training events – not only does this event focus on training their representatives, it also gathers all ACN representatives, making it a community of support.

Public recognition for success – it is human nature to want to be acknowledged and recognized for any achievement. Representatives are commended for any improvement in performance.

Conference calls held regularly and hosted by ACN co-founders – this is a perfect opportunity for representatives to air their concerns directly to the co-founders.

ACN TV – a fast-paced video communication tool to further enhance the skills and knowledge of representatives.

Rep Business Center – a secure portal with more support and tools exclusive to ACN representatives

Extensive video training and live webinars – these resources are available to representatives online. Trainings and webinars are held weekly to ensure that representatives are up-to-date.


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