Is ACN a Scam?

ACN Scam

Is ACN a Scam?

Is ACN Scam? No, does not like this. Let’s have a look at ACN Company. Basically American Communications Network (ACN) is one of the largest legitimate telecommunications company with headquarters in concord, North Carolina, US. It was started in January 1993 and now operating and selling telecommunication service business near about in 18 countries covering 3 continents.

So in order to accomplish its goals ACN acquired such assets that enable them to resell their services and for this purpose ACN offer those people who wants and are searching for a reliable work opportunity with no or negligible risk through online. ACN does not follow any complex procedure for the investor to start his own s business as an independent distributor. Simply any investor has to pay the start up fee and able to start selling the products along with invites other people to join your team; in this way you will be able to generate more income not only from your sales but also from the sale of other members of your network. But it could be pretty hectic in telecommunication industry because of terrible competition in this field.That’swhy it is a better opportunity for the investor to invest in a business that is already in smooth running and have better goodwill.

So in order to invest, first question that hit the mind of an investor is whether ACN is a legitimate business or not? Because now-a-days the main issue that prohibit the investor to invest is the “pyramid scams”. So it is necessary to know that basically what pyramid means? Pyramid is a scheme in which investor or people have to pay some fee to join and then earn money from the fees of those who have joined and in this whole process there is no selling of the actual product or sometime the fake product.

But in ACN case the real products like internet access, IP phone services and local phone services etc is sold. However ACN resembles pyramid that is the main reason of its controversy. Actually all MLMs resemble pyramid somehow and as ACN is a MLM so the thinking of its inclusion in pyramid is obvious. But main thing to be noted is that real MLMs are not pyramid schemes at all, inspite of the fact its working or procedure somehow relates to pyramid scheme like ACN’s joining fee is quite high while the income generating by selling its services is low unless the investor has large amount of customers.

No doubt joining fee is high but ACN compensate it by providing you the facility of marketing of high tech products otherwise you need to have standard marketing skills in order to stay in market individually with your product .Sell the services to get money by recruiting new representatives are unlike the pyramid because in that recruitment of new people is done only.

Whenever an investor start to invest in huge network marketing companies, he should critically observe all the facts that might be a risk for him like if he is going to choose such a company that has large product lines, then he should consider that product which has the more value because it increases the chances of raising investor’s income level. ACN has a large product line with a huge sales volume generating a good level of income. All this makes a smart sense that ACN is not a SCAM.


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