Is ACN really a Scam?

Is ACN really a Scam?

Is ACN really a Scam?

ACN has been a respectable company for many years even if their products are a little bit behind the new technology discoveries. Their products are fairly acceptable in terms of standard and quality just like their distance calls, digital phone services, local phone calls and as well as the internet.

Despite of the success that ACN has reached, there are lots of questions that bother people especially around the internet because of the ACN scams issue. This issue is quite standing out because of the fact that ACN is actually running an MLM or multi level marketing strategy in which there is a pyramid structure on the flow of business. This article will tell you that having a pyramid structure is not totally impossible to become the reason of a company’s success which is totally the opposite of what the ACN scams issue states.

ACN representatives are not advised by the management to use the cold calling and selling methods to people, rather,they are advised to recruit their own family and friends. In starting the business, $400 is needed for the marketing kit and aside from this, $149 yearly renewal fees plus a $10 monthly fees is being collected from the members and members to be. ACN scams emphasizes that funny it is because  additional payments are not told before a person’s inclusion.

ACN scams emphasizes pyramid schemes in which the one in the top of the network gains money than the ones who are working hard at the bottom but this actually happens only when there is lack of marketing strategy. ACN is all about sales and therefore, skills are required for income and compensations. As further proof of ACN scams, Australian Federal Court banned the operations of ACN when they found out that their activities were in violation if trade practices Act of 1974. According to ACN scams, ACN has been on top of marketing industry for a very long time and as its operations became more and more shrouded, their structure has also become more exploitative.

But ACN defended that ACN scams is all untrue and their records can prove it. However, their structure doesn’t mean that automatically, a customer may gain great income. To succeed in their operation, right skills and system is much needed. This fact is one of the reasons why there are people who tend to have bad impressions about MLM.

ACN scams was primarily made because of the fact that people are finding a self branding, customizable, duplicatable, great content, free marketing strategies and as well as free trial companies. They want less effort to be exerted in marketing, wherein they do not want any talking because their target market is already interested in the product which is totally different from the strategy of ACN.


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