Is ACN really a scam?

Is ACN really a scam?

Is ACN really a scam?

A lot of people have been regarding ACN as a scam company, but is it really fraudulent company?

That question will be answered as you read this article.

ACN has been on the business for almost fifteen years and counting since it was founded by Greg Provenzano and twins Tony and Mike Cupisz. Since then, the company grew into the largest direct selling telecommunications company. It has also been listed as the 22nd fastest growing company in the 1998 by INC Magazine. They have also been featured in various business magazines around the world. And if they were really a scam, would they be able to reach their current status?

ACN also has been bombarded with all kinds of lawsuits from different persons, companies, etc, but they have been able to withstand it and still continue their operation, not to mention that they are still growing. ACN is current operating in 20 plus countries and 4 continents, giving small entrepreneurs the chance to make it big and successful in their chosen careers. All of ACN’s legal issues have been either dismissed or still being debated on.

Another fact about ACN, is that Donald Trump, yes, the one you see on The Apprentice show with the line “You’re fired” is Donald Trump, he is the most famous advertiser of ACN. Donald Trump himself is a very successful business man and has a gained a lot of respect and trust for everyone. Having a person of this calibre to advertise a scam company is not likely right? Donald Trump wouldn’t tarnish his reputation by advertising a scam, moreover, he is also a personal fan of the marketing strategy of ACN.

What makes ACN a scam in the eyes of other people is that it is considered as a traditional MLM company. MLM is a marketing strategy wherein a salesperson is compensated not just with his or her personal selling transactions but also for the selling transactions that his or her customer also made. It is like a pyramid marketing wherein you will have unlimited chances of earning money. It is also called as network marketing and referral marketing. And for the fact, this kind of marketing strategy is legitimate and legal. The only disadvantage it has, is that when you end up below the pyramid and have no one else to recruit or invite.

If you really think about it, with ACN’s track record of success, and its products used by a lot of people worldwide, you wouldn’t really consider it a scam. In business, you will succeed if you grab all the great opportunities that come your way. Always remember that by working hard, you will gain what you deserve. Joining the ACN network will require to work hard, even if you have a joined earlier than the others, it isn’t a guarantee that it will earn you a lot of money without working for it.

For all I know, ACN will be always be there and continue to offer opportunities to all people who have the desire to succeed in their lives.


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