Is Amway a Scam?

Is Amway a Scam?

Is Amway a Scam?

At many occasions it comes to hear that Amway is a scam. Is it? No, it’s not like that. This is actually a misconception. The fact that is suffering the MLM is that virtually every pyramid scam claims to be the MLM. MLMs can’t be a scam as they are totally different from pyramid schemes, though a part of it looks like, but it just requires a simple observation to differentiate a mlm company from a scam pyramid scheme. Amway is a legal, legitimate and mlm business opportunity. It does not pay its representatives for only the recruits but also for the sale they made. And actually Amway opportunity is all about selling company’s products, where the representatives are paid for their efforts for making sales.

Amway business opportunity is more like a marketing strategy, where the company recruits representatives to market and sell the products, allowing them to recruit further representatives to increase the business volume and sales, and that is what they are getting paid for. This is totally a legal business activity and can’t be considered as scam.

Amway is in business for the last 50 years having business in more than 90 markets with good reputation for its products and business opportunities. Such company with such a strong back ground can’t be a scam.
Amway is running One by One Campaign for children and is associated with Easter Seals, Boys & Girls Club, U.S. Dream Academy and SOS Children Village. Through all these partnerships, Amway is helping the children in for various aspects of their life. Easter Seals helps the children with disabilities for enabling them to address life’s challenges and achieve personal goals. Amway launched its partnership with Boys & Girls Club in year 2010. This club is all about teaching and educating children about healthy eating and nutrition.

Amway is a longtime supporter of US Dream Academy and this academy is providing academic and social enrichment to children through its mentoring program. SOS Children Village is a new partnership of Amway to help the children in Haiti. An organization with such supportive partnerships to such organizations can’t be a scam. Organizations with such themes and values in mind don’t use to be a scam.

“The Independent Business Owners Association International” is the advocacy Organization for Independent Business Operators, on every aspect of the business, from company’s products and promotions to business guidelines. This shows that Amway is highly committed to their representatives and making efforts to make business scenario more favorable. A scam organization can’t be so committed and organized towards its business scenarios.


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