Is Avon a Scam?

Is Avon a Scam?

Is Avon a Scam?

Is Avon a Scam? Not more than a misconception. Avon is the world’s largest direct marketing company that deals with beauty products. Avon Company was started in 1886 by Mr. David McConnell with the name of “California Perfume Company” .Actually it was founded in New York. Later on in 1939 the company changed its name to “Avon”. Tody, Avon sells its wide range of products like skin care products, cosmetics; fragrances etc for men, women and even for children worldwide.

Recently it has started to sell children’s toy. Basically, in start Avon used the simple, single-level direct-marketing approach. But with the passage of time as the business globalized, Avon has started to use the multi-level-marketing approach and has grown into a multibillion business with a representative team of “Avon ladies” that are selling the Avon products door to door and generating huge revenue around the world. The philosophy of marketing strategy of Avon is targeted as a scam at some occasions that is totally a misconception. People consider a mlm business thought as a pyramid scheme where the representatives are getting paid for only recruiting others. On the true side of the picture, the scene is totally different where the people are getting paid for marketing and selling the company’s products, which is unlike a pyramid scheme. This way Avon is a true, legal and legitimate business, not a scam.

Avon is a listed company and offered its first stock for public sale in 1946. Avon Inc has risen 4.2% in New York trading last year when L’Oreal make a takeover offer to the world’s largest direct selling company, Avon and for this purpose L’Oreal was considering a bid of$44 a share for Avon. From previous 5 years Avon Inc has generated 70% of its revenue from its beauty products. A scam business can’t go public, it shows Avon isn’t a scam.

In 1997 Avon Inc launched its first website. 1970, the year when Avon had started the work for good cause like it sponsored a tennis championship and two marathons for women, opened a women’s cultural center in Japan.

Avon is also taking an active part in the research of Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence. In 1990, Avon was the first US cosmetic manufacturer who stopped testing its products on animals. It’s very cheap to join Avon with a cost of $10.By the investment of only $10 you are able to have all possible things that are in real need of starting a business. So if you are able to sell the Avon product worth of $20-$50, it means you are definitely in position to get back your money in almost 2 orders.

Avon basically persuade its representatives to give catalogs first among their public relation circle and if they would ready to order for Avon products, they will tell you and you will place the order on their behalf and when you deliver it to them, you will simply get the money. Does it make a sense, Avon is a scam? Although sometimes people ignored the complete terms and conditions before starting investment that after their failure turned into misconceptions like scamming, illegal etc. If he/she failed to sell all the products that he had bought, then he wants to get rid of this stock by returning it back to the company. Company takes it back with additional shipping cost that has already described in its contract. A scammer can’t make such commitments. This again goes in the favor of Avon that it is not a scam.


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