Is Mary Kay a Scam?

Is Mary Kay a Scam?

Is Mary Kay a Scam?

What Mary Kay is actually? Mary Kay Inc is a brand of skincare cosmetics and products. Mary Kay Inc was founded by Mary Kay Ash on September 13, 1963. The head quarter of Mary Kay Inc is in Addison, Texas. The company registered as public company in 1968 and started trading at over the counter market. The company kept on growing and in 1976 the company was enough big that it started officially trading on New York stock exchange. From this overview, the reliability factor can be easily judged and enough information to prove that Mary Kay is not a scam. This is not an easy for a scammer to go public, and this is something a scammer will never do.

Mary Kay was marketing nine skin care products and all the products were almost based on recipes for tanning to make the skin smoother and clearer despite of aging. But now there are about up to two hundred products under her brand. Mary Kay is an international brand offering some specific products to specific nation, such as Mary Kay whitener for Asian countries.

Mary Kay Inc offers a marketing network for the customers to build up their own business while promoting and selling the company’s products. This marketing network is exactly like other marketing network opportunities offered by other mlm companies. Many people consider Mary Kay a scam because they consider that Mary Kay Inc is employing pyramid schemes in its network marketing. However company emphasis that the Mary Kay is a truly legitimate business.

Mary Kay Inc has its own compensation plan for rewarding the representatives working hard for the company as well as for establishing their own business. Mary Kay offers the bonuses and commissions to their representative for recruiting more representatives. For this people call Mary Kay as a scam. They consider it a scam for such a profiting scheme that is a pyramid scheme but this is unlike the pyramid schemes because the representatives are being paid for selling their products rather than merely for recruiting new representatives. This is something for which the Mary Kay is not regarded as scam.

People sells products to the customers and also offer them the opportunity to be the part of this network by registering themselves as representatives who are officially allowed to sale the products further. The new representative comes in the down line of the representative who recruited him or her. In this way the organization of that representative grows and his levels of career path and income also increase as well. Same opportunity is provided to the newly recruited representative who will establish his organization under Mary Kay Inc by selling the products to customers. This model shows that this is not a pyramid scheme and Mary Kay Inc is not a scam.


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