Is Melaleuca a Scam?

Melaleuca Scam

Is Melaleuca a Scam?

Is Melaleuca a scam? No, Not at all! Melaleuca, Inc is a well known leading company that offers the health ,household,pharmaceutical,nutritional supplements and wellness products that basically emphasize on the melaleuca oil as a key ingredient all over the world. Is it making a sense that Melaleuca is a scam? Without investigating all facts just relies on the other talks.

Melaleuca is a private company that was founded in 1985 by the Ball brothers, Roger and Allen and their friend Frank Vendor Sloot in Idaho. Basically they wanted to use the melaleuca oil that comes from the leaves of melaleuca elternifolia which is an Australian plant and used there for healing purposes. First they compliance their company with FDA regulations and hence started a new legitimate company under the name of Melaleuca, Inc.Does a legitimate company be a scam?

They introduced a new marketing approach ‘Consumer Direct Marketing’ and ‘Multilevel Marketing ‘to tackle the market. As the Melaleuca, Inc did a lot of joint ventures to increase the sale growth like joint venture with the World’s famous Fashion Designer, Nicole Miller in order to expand its product line in the field of cosmetics.Melaleuca, Inc has also expanded its product line in home cleaning and security product services in 2009.How a scam company can have such a vast product line network at all?

Melaleuca was honored as one of the fastest growing companies and also considered in the rank of Blue Chip Companies, A scam company never be having such back ground. Many products of Melaleuca, Inc are certified organic and kosher certified.Melaleuca, Inc does not force to maintain an inventory loading and also prohibit the ‘breakaway’ practice. Independent sale representative of Melaleuca is not in need to carry bulk inventory, the procedure is simple, and he would have to purchase a minimum quantity of products each month for himself. In real, this is a simple and fair MLM practice of companies that in fact could not be a scam.

Melaleuca, Inc has earned a solid and good name from many years due to some 300 greenest, top notch products in this industry. Actually representatives are given their own affiliate website from there they can sell the products and recruit other people to work under them and hence they can earn commission from their referrals earnings as well. Such procedure does not make a company scam because Marketing Executives are paid for making the sales to the new recruits. In this way they are paid for sales not for recruits. This is not a scam scheme.

Melaleuca Inc has been awarded many times like In 2004, Melaleuca has taken the Healthy Workplace Award by the American Psychological Association., in 2005, and Melaleuca was included into the Inc 500, Hall of fame. In 2007 won the highest civic national award by the Salvation Army. Company that has such a proven track record is surely not being scam.


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