Is Monavie a Scam?

Monavie scam

Is Monavie a Scam?

Is Monavie a scam? No, not like that. Before a deep discussion about it lets take a comprehend review of Monavie company. Monavie Company was started in January 2005 by Daillin Larsen. It is a health based company and famous for manufacturing nutritional and health products. Basically Monavie is famous for its remarkable blend of acai berry. Monavie products are famous among the health conscious people and celebrities.

Monavie does not pay to advertisers and even does not use the traditional ways of advertisement to promote its product. Monavie just take the help of its independent distributors to promote and sell its products. But in recent years, Monavie has to face a great controversy about its status like Monavie is a scam and has no legitimacy rights etc. But critical observations and research also show that Monavie scam controversy is the result of increasing popularity of the Acai Berry. It is said that Monavie juice is a scam because it is expensive and does not provide the benefits as the company states, it provides. There is no scientific research to prove that Monavie juice is a scam while there are scientific researches showing the nutritional values in the Monavie product.

It is the true fact that network marketing is never being a scam. All the mlm companies have the compensation plans that basically have the same structure with a couple of differences. Such a huge network of companies cannot be a scam as it is not so easy to stand by in the market with false offers. There are a lot people playing their roles in Monavie business opportunity so if such a big community is there still working and even for a long time, it shows that they are getting back something.

If Monavie is a scam, it does not make a sense why we can’t see the comments by the people who joined Monavie and left on realizing that this is a scam. All that someone can see are the folks by persons on their own judgment without having any certified facts. This is not enough to claim something a scam.

Basically Monavie is not a pyramid scheme unless an investor wishes to be an independent distributor. Because investor is not paid in case of just simple selling of product by him and make money through the retail sale. However it could be pyramid scheme depending on investor if he wants to recruit more people in order to generate more profit through bulk sale but this process is matched to pyramid up to the recruitment process keeping in mind that they are selling physical product that view is totally different from actual definition of pyramid.

Every company wants to boost up its sale and for this purpose it applies different ways by staying in its legal boundaries and MLMs way is one of them. It provides new horizons of earning even to those who have no enough knowledge of business.MLM and other network marketing plans are fruitful for the whole organization not only for the top level management of the company.

As the monavie has a binary compensation plan so there is a need of balancing otherwise investor may lose his commission from the company. Monavie has a legitimate procedure to make money and opportunity for those who want to earn through online business. Although enough knowledge and skills of MLMs is a plus point for the investor because sometimes lack of knowledge also misguide and discourage the investor and ultimately false statements originate.


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