Is Nikken a Scam?

Is Nikken a Scam?

Is Nikken a Scam?

Is the Nikken, Inc a Scam? No, not at all. But it is the hottest question of today business world. Before going in depth, let’s take an overview of Nikken Inc’s operations. Nikken, Inc is the 35 years old leading multi-level marketing company that is working in more than 37 countries. Nikken, Inc deals in magnetic as well as the wellness products.

Basically, Nikken is a Japanese company that was founded in 1973 by the Isamu Masuda with his five core vision about the healthy life which are family, Healthy body, Mind, Finances and Society. Nikken,Inc is traded on Tokyo Stock Exchange and keeping the most competitive edge of debt free company. A listed and good credit worthiness company could not be a scam.

“Magstep” was the first Nikken product. In 1989, Nikken started its business in North America.Nikken uses its magnets in various types of products like clothing, water purification devices, shoe inserts, sleep masks, flexible support wraps, mattresses and other sleep products. Alongwith, Nikken also sells the nutritional products like massage products, pet care products, jewelry, skin care products, nutritional supplements and all other items that are made with ceramic reflective fibers to maintain an ideal body temperature and based on annual sale of $1.5 billion. A scam company can never be in position to manage and offer a wide range of product line with customer satisfaction.

Basically Nikken achieved this growth from its magnetic products called Kenko technology. In 1993 the company started a major research project as a result of which Nikken invented a rubber based product with magnet inside and named it as Elastomag Support Wraps in 1999 included the wraps for the knee, thigh, ankle, shoulder, back, wrist, elbow and hands etc. Nikken’s trademarked SoliTENS unit is the one federally approved medical device that needs prescription from a health care professional. In 1999, the company’s SoliTENS unit has become popular by the American Medical Community and now it used as an effective therapy device. A company that is manufacturing approved medical devices can’t be involved in scamming.

Nikken, Inc is working under a strong leadership of its President; Toshizo Watanabe that has an inspiring network marketing background. Nikken offers flexible and favorable aspects of compensation plan like retail sale, overrides, commission, leadership bonuses etc.Hence Nikken, Inc has not only provided a good home based business opportunity but has created more than 100 Millionaires, Still Nikken a scam?

Nikken is also involved in welfare programs like Nikken Triphase Technology & Sport Bracelet Versatility combine with 24K gold accents that is basically designed for the seven time Olympic Medal winner Shannon Miller and a certain portion of sale of this bracelet will be included as a donation to the Shannon Miller Foundation that works for the childhood obesity other related diseases.

Today, Nikken is working on a mega welfare project i.e. provide the shelter to the needed homeless people. The target of company is to donate 10,000 free wellness homes up to 2015.Company that is involved in such good purposes can’t be a scam. Nikken has also honored with the Environmental Stewardship Award from Orion Energy for improved lighting that has reduced light-related electricity use by 59% is recently installed in central warehouse. An award winning organization can’t be a spam.


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