Is Nu Skin a scam?

Skin scam

Is Nu Skin a scam?

Is NuSkin a scam? No, this isn’t the fact at all. Before deep discussion on this topic, first take an overview of Nu Skin Company. Nu Skin was founded by the Blake Roney, Steve Lund and Sandie Tillotson in Provo, Utah in the United States in 1984. Nu Skin manufactures and distributes its products more than 51 different markets with a network of nearly 800,000 distributors. The company that has such a wide network could be a scam?

NuSkin is one of the largest multi level marketing companies worldwide that offers a wide range of products like cosmetics, skin care, general nutritional, sports nutritional, weight management, anti-aging and botanical products. The NuSkin was listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) in 1996 under the signature of ‘NUS’ and has become a public company. Does public company that daily traded on New York Stock Exchange a scam?

Nu Skin has also created a charitable organization with the name of ‘Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation’. The purpose of this foundation is to help the children by improving the human life so that they can be an active part of their family and society. For this purpose Nu Skin donates $.25 of sale of Epoch to this foundation. Epoch is one of the famous products with botanical and natural ingredients that come in personal care product line of the Nu Skin. Does this good purpose of NuSkin make it a scam?

In 2010 the NuSkin has generated annual revenue of US $1.54 billion from nearly 51 different international markets while in 2011 Nu Skin has earned the $395 million in first quarter of the year and this remarkable sales growth proves that a scam company can never be attain this level of sales growth.

Nu Skin pay keen attention on its research department and for this purpose Nu Skin’s organization has formed the partnerships with many companies for some good causes like joint venture with the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation in order to find the cure of an epidemic skin disease named as EB.Basically EB is a skin disorder that ranges from mild to fatal. Nu Skin donates 25 cent to the foundation for research, Does this activity of the Nu Skin make a sense of scamming?

Similarly Nu Skin has also partnered with Seacology, a foundation that works to protect the damage island environments for native people. Nu Skin donated a huge amount to Seacology that was used in Philippines in order to give a brand new water system to the people. In 2005 Nu Skin was honored as “Most Innovative Company” by the American Business Awards for the innovation of BioPhotonic Scanner. Such an innovative company could be involved in scamming activities?


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