Is Usana a Scam?

USANA scam

Is Usana a Scam?

Is USANA a scam? No, not at all! This is a misconception about Usana at many occasions that this is a Scam organization. But at every occasion, someone can only see the statements. None of the statement is found with solid grounds and reasons. Most of the times, it is said that Usana is a scam because it pays its members for the recruits, and this is something that is misperception for every Multi Level Marketing, while this is not the matter of fact actually. People at Usana are paid for the sales they made for the company to increase the sales volume of the organization. This is what; the Organization is actually offering, the business opportunity to people. This is why Usana is a legal legitimate business that is offering a business opportunity to people for making sales not for the recruits.

Usana is in business since 1992. The company is manufacturing and distributing its products internationally. The size of the business company and the time span, the company has spent in the market with a good repute, shows that Usana is not a scam. A scammer organization can’t grow up to that level, the Usana has grown. This makes a sense at least.

Usana is one of those organizations that meet the requirements of FTC and have won several awards for the compensation plan, products and the interaction with sales force like “Best of State Award 2009”. USANA has also honored in 2008 with Utah Work/Life Award. USANA has also claimed of reward of $1,000,000,00, if any athlete got a positive drug test by the use of USANA supplementary products. A company can’t be a scam with such a track record of awards and a very strong claim.

The agreement of co ownership of Sony Ericson and Women’s Tennis Association is a big proof of the strength of Usana, such a strong and active company can’t be supposed to be a scam.

Usana is also very active in social activities; the company has created an alliance with “The Child Hunger Fund” for the purpose of helping the children with nutritional deficiencies. A company with such a social motive does not deserve to be called as a scam.

Usana has been a listed company at NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) and afterward transferred its listings on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) in 2011. A scammer company can’t go public, its not so easy to go through the processes for a company to go public. It shows Usana is a legitimate business not a Scam.


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