Is XanGo a Scam?

XanGo Scam

Is XanGo a Scam?

Is XanGo a Scam? Not like that. But it is the most sensitive issue of today MLM business. So in order to talk about this issue first take a glance over XanGo,LLC’s operations.XanGo,LLC is a privately owned international Multi-Level Marketing Company that was founded in 2002 with the help and idea of six men Aaron, Kent, Brian, Joe, Gordon and Gary.

It is a legitimate company that is registered on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange),Is it make a sense of listed company to be a scam? XanGo,LLC is basically manufactures and distributes XanGo juices and other nutritional, skin care, personal care and other energy supplements with the formula of botanical ingredients in almost 36 countries all over the world.

But, originally XanGo is famous for its special juice named “Mangosteen” that is very helpful to strengthen the immunity system and respiratory system of the body and has certified by the ISO (International Standards of Organization). Company that is manufacturing the certified products could not be a scam.

XanGo, LLC has the vast network of marketing and distribution channel with a successful team of nearly 1,000,000 distributors and company has also won a “Distributor’s Choice Award “of “Best Network Marketing Company” by the MLM insider. This award makes the clear sense that scamming is not the activity of XanGo, LLC at all.

XanGo, LLC’ had made huge revenue since its formation like company had earned revenue of $1.5 billion in 2008 throughout the world. XanGo has also involved in good cause like provide the meal packs in those areas where people are suffering from malnutrition and since 2007, more than 2 million has consumed on purchasing meal packs.

The company has announced to donate a minimum 7% of all its profit to “Operation Kids” foundation. XanGo Good Foundation has signed with many NGOs to provide the help to the needy people especially the children all over the world. Is this good cause make the company scam?

XanGo is not only engaged in this good work, the company has also partnered with the McGruff to ensure the safe places of refuge for the children. In 2006 the XanGo had sponsored the “Real Salt Lake” a MLS soccer team for four years at a cost of between $500,000 and $1,000,000 per year. XanGo had also contributed $47,200 in 2008 for the political campaign of Utah Senator named Orrin Hatch. A scamming company can never be actively performed such social activities.

XanGo, LLC has also achieved a lot rewards for its operations like recently in 2010; the company has won the “Communitas Awards” for Excellence in Community Services. In 2009, the company has honored with “Award of Excellence, Web Branding” by the Communicators Award, Is these achievements make a sense of scamming?


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