Lifewave for everyone


Lifewave for everyone

LifeWave is a recognized multi level marketing.  It stresses on self-improvement as its forte.  LifeWave are mainly based in USA as well as in Taiwan.  LifeWave use elite nanotechnology patches to intensify the different aspects of the customer’s day to day living.  The company’s goal to become a multi-level marketing corporation helps in self improvement.  LifeWave gives people a chance to make profits and rise from its level because it pays for those who are able to recruit new distributors who join the organization.  Through LifeWave modern technological innovations, it promotes wellness, which is way very different to the style of some of its competitors.

The patches which are the product line of LifeWave are all distinct in the same technology.  These patches are all nanotechnology which is sure to improve human well-being in special or fashionable methods.   Patches of LifeWave use the concept of Homeopathy and Acupuncture which enhance the body’s natural systems.  Energy Enhancer, which is the first product, was created to ease fatigue or tiredness and helps in correcting ones’ breathing and endurance.  Then there is the IceWave which helps in relieving arthritis, soreness and pains in the joins.  Silent Nights is the third in the lineup.  It is a patch that helps one in sleeping by stimulating the acupuncture points on the body.  Next is the Age patch.  This helps in the promotion of a young and smooth skin and it also reduces wrinkles.  The last patch is the SPG Complete Appetite Control patch.  This patch decreases the appetite of the body and helps the customers in losing weight.  All of these items come in sets of two dozen.  These are all appealing to the customers who are curious and willing to improve their wellness in an easy and low-risk style.

There are four elements in the compensation plan of LifeWave.    Oftentimes, distributors buy from LifeWave through wholesale basis, and then they sell it in retail.  Through this style, they get a solid source of income.  The next element is the Initial Product bonus.  Whenever a distributor, enrolls a new customer, he is given an incentive. Aside from this, he is also paid out whenever a member buys an upgrade kit to be able to move to a much higher rank. The next element is the Binary structure and the Cycle Bonus commissions that it produces.  Each distributor is given two separate legs which they will designate to a new member either on the right of left les.  Left over or residual income can be received from the work done by all the distributors working within those legs. This will give much higher income to the LifeWave distributors.    The last element is that, once a sponsored worker earns a bonus, this will also be learned by their higher ranked leaders.  These bonuses produce limitless commissions for the distributors to be successful.


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