Make More Money In ACN

Make Money ACN

Make More Money In ACN

The ACN Compensation Plan Overview

The ACN compensation plan is a multi-tiered model wherein an independent business owner can benefit from building depth and more importantly width of the organization they establish. Theoretically, there is no limit to the depth, width and wealth one can build. The limitation of the model is theoretically found in the desire to work the system properly and to develop the skill sets necessary to its sustainability such as relationship building, sales and most importantly, leadership.

The First Steps to Earn Money with the ACN Compensation Plan

The first step in reviewing the ACN opportunity is determining if it is right for you. If you just love technology that supports internet, mobile and entertainment, then you should thoroughly study the ACN compensation plan. ACN provides virtually every “backbone” service that delivers rich media. For the tech geek who wants to earn big dollars, and is not afraid of personal development, then ACN might just be the ticket.

Once you sign up as a representative of CAN, you will have 30 days to qualify as a TT (Team Trainer). In order to qualify you must earn 7 points within your first 30 days, but do not let that scare you. Your upline (the person who sponsored you) will help you as much as needed to achieve your business goals. Usually, if you look high enough in your upline, you will find someone who is willing to sign anybody up, anywhere at midnight, using the hood of a car as their desk while holding a flashlight. There is always help if you really want it.

Point System of the ACN Compensation Plan

All ACN representatives must acquire customers in order to qualify for bonuses and residual income from the ACN compensation plan. Each service used by a customer (including one’s self) earns points toward qualification. The point system is derived from services provided by the company such as DSL, Blackberry, mobile broadband and other bundled services. Each service counts as either one point or two, dependent on the latest point system developed by CAN. The points earned by you as a ACN rep are absolutely critical to your residual income.

The Seven Levels of the ACN Compensation Plan

As you earn points, you move up the ladder. Each rung on the ladder of the ACN compensation plan generates greater income as well as bearing greater requirements that must be met. All of this must be accomplished while maintaining or exceeding the requirements of the previous level attained. The levels and requirements of each level can be found here, but their specific labels are as follows:

1. TT (Team Trainer)

2. ETT (Executive Team Trainer)

3. ETL (Executive Team Leader)

4. TC (Team Coordinator)

5. Regional Director

6. Regional Vice President (RVP)

7. Senior Vice President (SVP)

Residual Income of the ACN Compensation Plan

ACN Representatives may earn money in two ways: through monthly residual income based on their customers’ usage of ACN services and through weekly CABs, which are earned by helping newly sponsored TTs become qualified within their first 30 days. As personal customers are acquired, between 1% and 10% of their monthly bills may be earned as commission month after month, year after year, for as long as those customers continue to use ACN’s services. The amount earned is based on the total amount of billings of all personal customers combined. As the business grows and total monthly billing volume increases, more money is earned. When the combined total monthly billing of the entire customer base is $10,000 or more, the ACN compensation plan pays up to 10%.

ACN Compensation CAB’s (Customer Acquisition Bonuses)

CAB’s may only be earned by TC’s and above. This is done by assisting TT’s to qualify within their first 30 days. CAB’s are paid out 14 days after the start date of the new TT and range anywhere from $80.00 for a direct (personally sponsored) representative sign up, to $20 for helping a new TT to sign their first representative up to their organization (this is called a 1st generation sign up). As an organization begins to grow, these CAB’s add up to a tidy sum. Although what most aspire to is recurring revenue generated by residual billing commissions.

Understanding the ACN Compensation Plan

Understanding your business model is the most important aspect to successful business development. The model is nothing more than the way the business exchanges its goods or services with the market in order to generate revenue and profit. The ACN compensation provides a dual path to achieve this. The only caveat is that you MUST attain qualifying status to earn you commissions. Qualifying to earn money is not the same thing as earning money. So, make sure you thoroughly investigate the ACN compensation plan and know what your business will demand of you. If you are willing to work the plan, it will work for you.


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