Mary Kay Business Opportunity a quick look on climbing up their mlm ladder

Mary kay business opportunity

Mary kay business opportunity – a quick look on climbing up their mlm ladder

Mary Kay Inc., with headquarters at Addison in Dallas, Texas is one of the many cosmetics and skin care companies to venture in multi-level marketing.  Founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963, Mary Kay Inc. can now be found in 35 markets worldwide.  Its first international venture was in Australia in 1971.  In Australia alone, there are over 10,000 Independent Beauty Consultants (IBC) and sells $25 million dollars worth of Mary Kay cosmetics annually.

The company is almost half a century in the business, generates $2.5 billion wholesale sales, has over 500 Independent National Sales Directors, and shells out millions of dollars to ensure the best quality in their approximately 200 products.  You ask, “Why do we need to put Mary Kay under the microscope?”

Well, it’s quite simple.  You study any business you wish to venture into.  A quick look at a company’s levels of “success” allows you to have a picture of how far you would like to go with your investment.


Mary Kay Distributorship and Rewards

Mary Kay’s website presents 3 basic levels of distributorship.  Let’s look at how each level profits and what it takes to bump up a notch higher.

Level 1:  Independent Beauty Consultant

At this point, all you have to do is to sell Mary Kay cosmetics.  Purchasing the starter kit also gets you free sales training.  Much like buy-and-sell businesses, you avail a product from the company and sell them at a higher price to profit.  The difference is, take note, Mary Kay products have standard retail prices.

The company claims that if you later on wish to terminate your business with them, they will purchase back at 90% the original cost any Mary Kay products you availed one year before the return.

Investment: $100 starter kit,at least $200 worth of wholesale products.

To stay active: order at least $200 worth of wholesale products quarterly.

Your goal: sell Mary Kay products at retail price, option to level up to Independent Sales Director

Your reward: 50% commission on your retail sales.

Level 2:  Independent Sales Director

As an ISD, you will have IBCs under you.  Every time a consultant profits from selling Mary Kay products, you earn commissions as well.  To get the most out of a multi-level marketing business, your goal is to be the leader.

Qualifications: has 8 or more active IBCs to form a team,
generate $16,000 team sales,
acquire 30 members,
minimum of $4,000 monthly wholesale orders

Your rewards: 4% – 13% on member orders,
cash bonuses starting at $100


Level 3:  Independent National Sales Director

While an INSD receives more commissions, he certainly has more responsibilities.  Because he profits from his ISDs’, and the IBCs’ Mary Kay product sales, his primary goal is to help his downlines succeed.

Qualifications: has at least 18 ISDs,
generate $20,000 team sales for each of 18 directors,
acquire 30 active members
generate $20,000 sales for own team

Your rewards: 4% – 13% on member orders,
13% sales director commission,
10% personal member commission,
2% – 10% commission on first to third-line members


Get Rich Quickly.  Not.

The quick look at Mary Kay’s MLM ladder does not equal quick success.  Feedbacks from past and current IBCs say that there are a number of steps more, ranging from 5-7 lines, in between their basic levels.  Simply put, success in Mary Kay is not exactly as easy or as breezy as 1-2-3.  As in any business or employment, successfully climbing the ladder means doing it one step at a time.


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