Mary Kay in Australia

Mary Kay Australia

Mary Kay in Australia

Mary Kay Inc is one of the largest and best direct sellers of quality skin care products all over the world. Mary Kay Inc was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash with her past experience and saving of $5000. Mary Kay Ash is one of the greatest female entrepreneurs in the history of America that opened the vast way of thinking’s for other women. Mary Kay Inc’s sale force exceeds up to 1.9 million regarding independent beauty consultants in more than 35 markets worldwide.Today, Mary Kay Inc has almost averaged double digit growth since the company’s starting.

Sale of Mary Kay products exceeded $2.6 billion through the wholesale sales in 2008.Since 1990, the Mary Kay Inc expand his business in more than 20 new markets around the world. Mary Kay Inc is the active member of DSA (Direct Selling of Association) since 1993 that is reputed for its manufacturing and distributing its goods directly to the consumers through an independent sale force.

Mary Kay’s Inc is awarded many times by DSA like in 2006 the Mary Kay is honored the “Education for life award” from the DSA for its contribution in independent sale force education and also earned a “Success Award” for its an advertising campaign in 2005. After a remarkable success in America and other European Countries, the company started its journey towards Australia.

Mary Kay Inc opened in Australia in 1971.Mary Kay Inc sells $25 million worth of cosmetics in Australia annually with the help of 10,000 consultants that are mostly the women who are working for part time to meet their needs. The annual direct sales growth of Mary Kay Inc in Australia is 12.5% over the past three years. Recently; Mary Kay has grown its sales in Australia by 5% from the previous year sales record.

Mary Kay Inc, however, trimming its business structure to facilitate the consumer shift to online purchasing and for this purpose Mary Kay Inc is going to launch its transactional website in Australia. Mary Kay provides the products and business opportunities at a time that is fruitful for any women to change her life style and to accomplish her desires. In 2002, Mary Kay Inc assured itself to the rules of NPC (National Packaging Covenant) and in January 2006 Mary Kay Inc became a NPC (National Packaging Covenant) signatory again, and played its key role on the impact of packaging in its daily routine business to promote its positive assurance to the covenant. Covenant is basically an instrument that manages the environmental impacts of consumer packaging in Australia.


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