Mary Kay Introduction

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Mary Kay Introduction

Mary Kay Inc is a multilevel marketing company that deals with cosmetics and skin care products. It was founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963 with the motive of empowering the other women to succeed. Mary Kay Ash was born in Texas. After completing her graduation in 1934 from Houston, she started a job but quit it because she was a business minded women. Mary Kay’s world headquarters is located in the town of Addison; suburb of Dallas, Texas, USA.

In 1968, the company became public when it started trading over the counter market as the time passed it got the right of officially trading on the New York Stock Exchange. With the passage of time in 1985 Mary Kay Ash made her company totally private with the help of a private leverages buyout. It also founded the Mary Kay Ash charitable foundation in1996 that provides the fund for the help of cancer research and cancer effecting women and against domestic violence.

Mary Kay Sales Generation Method

Mary Kay Inc emphasizes to generate its sale volume through direct selling means providing the product directly in the hands of end users. The distributors of the Mary Kay Inc are paid on the basis of productivity of their recruit not by only recruiting but on the basis of their sales productivity. Today Mary Kay Inc is one of the leading companies for girls that provide the most effective beauty and skin care products and cosmetics. Mary Kay Inc has not only done a tremendous growth with respect to sale volume but has also earned a good name in cosmetic industry as well as it has also opened the doors of opportunities for ladies.


Independent sale of Mary Kay products cover nearly 35 markets throughout the world has exceeded the 2 million. While it’s global wholesale sales are$2.5 billion. And more than 600 women worldwide have become the Independent National Sales Directors and nearly more than 39000 women across the world have become Independent Sales Directors. Mary Kay’s latest targeted markets are India (2007), Singapore (2009), and Armenia (2010).

Basically Mary Kay Inc is dealing with different skin care products that all are comprised of recipes for tanning that is helpful in making the skin lighter, clearer and smoother and minimize the effect of aging but out of them some are strictly prohibited in different countries other than America due to certain active ingredients of that product .Now-a-days there are nearly up to 200 products under Mary Kay brand. Mary Kay Inc made the products with respect to target markets like Mary Kay Whitener that is specially made for the Asian girls keeping in mind the their body complexion.

Mary Kay’s R&D Department

Mary Kay’s R&D department emphasizes on the prime quality products and for this purpose the Mary Kay Inc spends millions of dollars on R&D department so that it go through the different testing processes of the products in terms of quality, safety and working and nearly more than 300000 tests are done for ensuring the quality of the product.. Scientists and Dermatologists in R&D department play a key role in improvement and innovation of a product. In start of its working Mary Kay Inc emphasize on the animal testing of its products but after a several year pressure of animal’s right group, it stopped working on animal testing and also its related products.

With the passage of time Mary Kay extract some alternative methods to verify the safety of products and its ingredients. Mary Kay Inc is now in partnership with global regulatory agencies that control and regulate the cosmetic safety with the leading animal alternative researchers in order to attain the global approval for this new approach.


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