Mary Kay Review Is It A Legitimate MLM Business?

Mary KayMLM Business

Mary Kay Review Is It A Legitimate MLM Business?

Now, we already know that Mary Kay is a legitimate company. We do not need to spend the time to focus on that issue. In my Mary Kay review, I intend to help answer this question. Will Mary Kay be the best match for me and my talents to build a successful home business? Let’s begin my review.

With the help of her son, and $5,000, Mary Kay Ash launched Beauty by Mary Kay in 1963. She started this empire with the ambition to make life more beautiful for women. She was a woman who spent many years in the direct selling industry, and got fed up with training men who would eventually get promoted above her, and receive twice her salary. These events spawned the plan of going into business for her.

As you are aware, Mary Kay provides a wide selection of products connected to skin care, cosmetics, body care, sun care, and fragrances. Their products are obtainable to both men and women. Mary Kay is well-known for their Multi-Level Marketing business opportunity. This gives women the chance to profit and build a business around sharing the products that they love. The cost to join is $100 plus shipping and taxes. This cost will provide you with the education that you need to get started, and enough products and samples to supply 30 friends at parties.


You will earn commissions based on your personal sales of their products. This MLM opportunity provides one of the most generous commission payouts in the industry, providing you 50% of the suggested retail price for every product that you sell. You will be contacting your family, friends, neighbors, and people who you work with to promote the products and business opportunity. These are the methods that you will be encouraged and taught as a new member.

You are most likely here right now because you are an independent Mary Kay representative and you are looking for ways to produce more leads for your business. Therefore, if that’s the case, then you are here for the right reason because without a steady flow of leads for your business, you have no business. In today’s marketplace, you are required to know how to generate leads using the power of the Internet if you like to attain any real, long-term success with your business.

In this Mary Kay review, we will look at the home business opportunity offered by selling Mary Kay products. Your success in building a Mary Kay home business depends on the financial stability of the company, the quality of and demand for its products, the compensation plan, the marketing strategy and on your ability to market these products at a profit. The company appears to be economically strong, and its products are of best quality. Your main challenge is in marketing. This Mary Kay review will show you what it takes to market Mary Kay products with success.

Mary Kay is marketing a line of skin care, color makeup, body care and fragrance products. The products are sold by independent sales consultants. Consultants are purchasing product inventory at wholesale, alone or in several starter packages. The packages carry bonus products and items, and may be bought on credit, with monthly payments. The company encourages new distributors to begin their business by stocking products.


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