Melaleuca Compensation Plan

Melaleuca Compensation Plan

Melaleuca Compensation Plan

Melaleuca is an Idaho based company that was established in 1984. Roger Ball and Allen Ball are the founders of this company. Melaleuca Inc has manufactured a lot of care products, using the Melaleuca oil from a plant in Australia, Melaleuca Alternifolia that is very helpful for healing purposes. Now a days, Melaleuca is dealing in multiple products for personal care, facial care, pharmaceutical, vitamins, nutritional products and many other consumer products. There is a global network of representatives working under Melaleuca Compensation Plan, for direct selling and marketing of company’s products.

Melaleuca Compensation Plan is designed to reward the Independent Marketing Executives, who are working for marketing and selling of the company’s product. Every Independent Marketing Executive is provided with the opportunity to build his business with the organization by selling as many products to increase the sales volume and also by recruiting new representatives with the purposes of increased sales volume. In this way every representative has the same opportunity.

The performance of the Independent Marketing Executive is determined on the basis of three factors, under Melaleuca Compensation Plan.

1. The number of customers the representative have
2. The purchase volume of each consumer
3. The effectiveness of the representative in establishing his own marketing organization, that consists of recruited Marketing Executives to put efforts, in order to increase the sales volume of the company.

According to Melaleuca Compensation Plan, the Marketing Executives are paid for the sales volume of the products, not for the recruits. The commissions and bonuses are awarded on the basis of performance regarding sales volume. The higher the sales, the higher will be commissions and bonuses. Like other mlm companies, Melaleuca compensation plan, is designed in the way that there are different levelsin the career path. The representative should meet all the qualifications that are associated with each level, to qualify for the designations. There are higher levels of Director and Senior Director. These levels have a big target of sales volume to achieve, to get entitled for the post and the associated earnings.

A person can join Melaleuca marketing network through two packages

1. As a Direct Customer
2. As a Preferred Customer

It cost little higher to join Melaleuca Compensation Plan as a Preferred Customer, but it carries one or two additional benefits. The Preferred Customer or marketing Executive is provided with a business kit and 35 points monthly. That’s why it carries additional cost. Preferred Customers or Marketing Executive are also entitled for 30% to $40 discounts off the prices of the products.

In Melaleuca Compensation Plan, there are four income streams. These are

1. Primary Referrals
2. Secondary Referrals
3. Career Pack & Value Pack Bonus
4. Leadership Bonuses

In Primary Referrals and Secondary Referrals, the Marketing Executive is entitled for the commission on the sales, whereas third and forth options enable the Marketing Executive to claim fixed bonuses on per pack purchased. For the leadership Bonuses, the marketing Executive needs to meet the ranking qualifications.

Melaleuca Compensation Plan also offers a weekly bonus for the Marketing Executive with a quality customer score of 75% or more. Quality Customer Bonus is for those representatives who are at Director level, and also for the Marketing Executives in their first three months of enrollment.


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