Melaleuca in Australia

Melaleuca Australia

Melaleuca in Australia

Melaleuca, Inc is one of the largest companies that manufactures and distributes skin care, pharmaceutical, home hygiene, facial care, nutritional products and other wellness products throughout the world. Basically company was founded in 1985 by two brothers, Roger Ball and Allen Ball and their friend Frank Vandersloot and is headquartered in Idaho.

The idea of formation of Melaleuca in Australia is generated by the Ball brothers during their visit to Australia. As Australia is famous for its forests, so Australia’s many plants and herbs were used by Australians in their daily life for various purposes like during the Second World War, the Australian’s soldiers used the melaleuca oil extracted from Melaleuca Alternifolia plant for healing purposes.

The Ball brothers discovered that they can use this oil in various ways. Hence, Melaleuca in Australia, came into existence. Melaleuca, Inc used the Direct Customer Marketing approach and Multi Level Marketing Approach with the help of nearly 100,000 distributors to earn the name worldwide as well as the high rate of sale growth. The Melaleuca, Inc’s more products are basically Eco friendly and mostly the natural ingredients are used in Melaleuca products. And this was the most favorable for Melaleuca in Australia.

Melaleuca did the joint venture with different companies in order to increase their revenue like signed an agreement with MCI for the expansion of its communication network and easy access to the end-user in1994.Similarly in 1999 did a joint venture with Nicole Miller, the world’s foremost fashion designer with the motive of expanding its product line and also the circle of its targeted customers.

Alongwith it was a great business opportunity for the distributors of Melaleuca, Inc.This alliance of Melaleuca,Inc and Nicole Miller was a beneficial step not only for both companies.Melaleuca,Inc’s research department introduced ProVexCV,a flavonoid supplement to control the high blood pressure and cholesterol level.Melaleuca,Inc has also created a Melaleuca Foundation for enhancing the lives and generating the new hopes in the needy people also orphan child.

In 2001 the Melaleuca foundation collected more than $800.000 for the help of people had suffered a lot from the event of 11th September. In 2005, the foundation raised more than $1 million as relief aid for Hurricane Katrina’s sufferers. Melaleuca, Inc was also honored by many awards as in 2008, Melaleuca, Inc was honored ‘The Golden Award’ by the Australian Customer Service Awards by saying this “Melaleuca really stands out as one of the very best (companies) we have.” Similarly Melaleuca in Australia, also honored by the Leader Business Achiever Award in 2008, by the Australian newspaper group Leader.


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