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Information on Melaleuca

Melaleuca is well known for the selling of personal care, facial care, pharmaceutical, laundry and home cleaning supplies, first-aid kits, vitamins and nutritional products directly to consumers through a vast global network of sale representatives and online channel. Melaleuca Inc has a great contribution in the herbal rebirth of late 20th century, when in 1982 Roger Ball came to know about melaleuca oil during his trip to Australia. At that time melaleuca oil was also called as ‘First-Aid kit in a bottle’ and in Second World War Australian soldiers used melaleuca oil as their first aid.

Melaleuca, Inc manufactured a lot of care products by including the melaleuca oil that is deducted from an Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia and is helpful in healing purposes. So in 1984 he established the Melaleuca, Inc in Idaho with the help of his brother, Allen Ball. Melaleuca, Inc was based on multilevel-marketing approach with the manufacturing of unique product.Melaleuca, Inc started to generate handsome revenue of $90000 per month within its first 5 month of operations.

Role of Frank Vander Sloot in Establishment of Melaleuca

So a new man, Frank Vander Sloot was entered in the business to maintain business management, but later on due to some financial crises and controversies they have to shut down their business. However, no longer after that these three men decided to start their old business again with some better strategies and planning. So in 1985 Melaleuca, Inc again established under the leadership of Frank Vander Sloot.

They implemented an approach called ‘Consumer Direct Marketing’ through which consumer is allowed to order directly via toll free number and as well as also used the multilevel marketing approach. Hence company’s sale grew in next few years up to 1989 in a stable manner. In 1990 Melaleuca was listed among the nation’s 500 fastest growing private firms and Meleleuca kept this title the next four years. Melaleuca was also awarded by the honor of Blue Chip Company in 1991.

Performance of Melaleuca

During these two years 1990 &1991 the Melaleuca had achieved a remarkable sale growth from $29 million to $105 million with the help of 100,000 sale representatives and 900 company’s worker. In 1990s Melaleuca also made alliances with other companies in order to provide the best fit product to its consumer like an agreement with MCI in order to attain the distant communication services. In 1997, Melaleuca, Inc also introduced a flavonoid supplement Provex CV for the high blood pressure and cholesterol level patients and hence that innovation was a good sign in sale growth of Melaleuca.

In 1999, company introduced a new line of product for consumer and a good business opportunity for the distributors as well. For this new product, Melaleuca did the joint venture with Nicole Miller, the world’s famous fashion designer, dealing with skin care, garments and cosmetics products.


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