Melaleuca Products

melaleuca products

Melaleuca Products

Melaleuca is well known for the selling of personal care, facial care, pharmaceutical, laundry and home cleaning supplies, first-aid kits, vitamins and nutritional products directly to consumers through a vast global network of sale representatives and online channel. Melaleuca Inc has a great contribution in the herbal rebirth of late 20th century.

Melaleuca, Inc manufactured a lot of care products by including the melaleuca oil that is deducted from an Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia and is helpful in healing purposes. So in 1984 he established the Melaleuca, Inc in Idaho with the help of his brother, Allen Ball. Melaleuca, Inc was based on multilevel-marketing approach with the manufacturing of uniquemelaleuca products with the help of melaleuca oil.

Melaleuca products includes a vast range of categories like Vitamins & Supplements, a famous category of melaleuca product is further sub categorized like Multi vitamin for men,women,50 plus,Prenatal,childrens etc and also comprises the Specialty Supplements that are used for heart health, Bone & Joint Support, Eye health, Stress & Anxiety, Prostate health, Brain health and Immune Support of the body.

Another melaleuca product category Food & Weight Loss that is further sub categorized into Fiber, Diet & Weight loss, Powered drinks, Sports & Nutrition, Protein Shakes,Cereal,Organic cookies &crackers and gum and provide the full fiber benefits to the body by one glass.

The melaleuca products have the good range of cleaning and laundry material like in laundry subcategory, the detergents, softener, brightner, wrinkle relaxer and stain treatment etc and in Household Cleaners, the kitchen cleaner, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, furniture polish, stain washing etc.

The Medicine Cabinet is another big category of melaleuca products includes dry skin therapy, pain & fever relief, cold allergy and sinus, melaleuca oil, first aid and acne treatments etc.The melaleuca products also deal in the category of Dental Care like toothpolish,mouthwash,breath freshners,gum and toothbrushes accessories.

Another category of melaleuca products that has wide range of bath & body items like bath & shower further includes sub category products like body wash & accessories, shampoo & conditioners and bath bars, Skin Care includes the crèmes & lotion, sun screen & after sun, acne treatments, facial care and foot care etc.

Beauty category of melaleuca products includes skin care solutions,treatments & masques,color sets, foundation and powder,sunless tanning and perfume & cologne etc.Candle & Fresheners Category of melaleuca products comprises the soy candles,air freshners and candle of the month.Pet care category of melaleuca includes the products that are used for treating and grooming of the pets.


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