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Scent Sationsmia bella candles

Mia Bella Origin

Scent-Sations, Inc is one of well known companies that deal in mia bella candles, mia bella beauty products, car air fresheners and dermal renu products. Bob Scocozzo and Charles Umphred were introduced to the home based network marketing in 1988 and were associated with many companies but in all those companies they had the top level positions.

But in September, 2002 they launched their own company named as “Scent-Sations, Inc”, the idea of this company was actually generated when Bob was working as candle fundraisers for his son’s sports team, he met the Carmen and Lynn Millazzo, the manufacturers of those candle. Bob came to know about the special scented candles the ingredients of which are vegetables and other natural sources, made by Carmen and Lynn Millazo.

So Bob decided to start his own company with this unique product with the help of Carmen and Lynn Millazzo.He gave these candles the named “mia bella”.

Mia bella Business Opportunity

Scent-Sations not only provides the quality and unique mia bella products but as well as the good business opportunity to the investors. It provides the three easy ways through which the investors can earn handsome revenue.

The first way is Retail and in this way the company offers the mia bella products to the distributor at wholesale price to which the distributor has to sell through the direct selling and for this purpose the home parties, office sales and shows etc are beneficial. The second way is fundraising and in this program the distributor is allowed to access a fundraising organization in a traditional way and that has led to great success for many distributors worldwide.

The last one way is Residual Income and in this way the distributor has to simple refer the 5 persons to the mia bella candle of the month hence a distributor is available to receive 6 levels of income on the behalf of commission value of all the mia bella products that are ordered by that organization. Scent-Sations, Inc is also working with different organizations for some good purposes like Scent-Sations, Inc has donated the profit of its new product mia bella 16oz Candle for the cure called “Hope” to the “Northeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of Susan G.Komen  for the cure” that works for the Breast Cancer  awareness.

Mia Bella contributions in Social Welfare Activities

Scent-Sations, Inc has also started to donate a part of its profit of the April 2009, mia bella Candle of the Month, Honey Bee Vanilla ™ to the Penn State “save the bees” Foundation.Alongwith the Scent-Sations, Inc is also supporting the some more charities that includes the Children’s Miracle Network, Make a Wish, Jonathan Grula Memorial Foundation to make the people able to look the world with new hope and vision. Mia Bella business opportunity is playing its role as a social welfare contributor.

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