Monavie’s Compensation Plan: How It Works…

Monavie Compensation Plan

Monavie’s Compensation Plan: How It Works…

As a starting member, you may want to know all about Monavie Compensation Plan. Here is a guide to help you understand the system and create outstanding results from your business venture.

Monavie’s Compensation Plan: How It Works Overview

Learning the about Monavie Compensation Plan is actually simple. You’ll just need to understand the basic terms about the plan. Once you enroll in the plan, you’ll have to pay a fee for starting in your business. Then, you’ll have to market the company’s products, which may range from health drinks to cosmetics. This is where you’ll start to earn; as you sell more units of a certain Monavie product, you’ll get higher commissions every time. Recruiting people to become a part of the company can also help you make a fortune through the company’s compensation plan. Aside from that, doing so helps you qualify into higher ranks in the company’s network, therefore, you’ll eventually receive higher income. .


Bonuses are also given to top sellers of the company. For example, if you generate the highest sales in a given period, you’ll earn the top retailer bonus. Very attractive incentives, right?

Like any other network marketing systems, Monavie’s compensation plan is also divided into different levels. These membership levels include the Star, Executive, Executive Elite and Executive Premium ranks. Each of these levels requires various qualifications from the members.


The Star Rank requires the Monavie representative to have two sponsored distributors. To qualify for this rank, you should also be an active member of the company. The Executive rank, the second level in the company’s network, is further subdivided into three categories, namely the Gold, Silver and Bronze levels. You can enter the Bronze Executive level if you already collected 2000 GV after only a week. Also, this level requires you to enter at least one person into the company. On the other hand, 3000 GV is necessary for your entrance in the Silver level. You’ll also need to have two personal enrolments for the company. And the people you’ve recruited should have a Star rank. Gold level is rather difficult to attain. In this level, you’ll need to earn 5000 GV within a week and introduce three new members with Star ranks to the company. According to the Monavie Compensation Plan, the Gold level also poses greater benefits for its members as total bonus could go up to $2,500.


The Executive Elite rank is then composed of the Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Hawaiian Blue Diamond levels. Each of these levels present higher requirements for entrance. However, these levels provide greater income opportunities for you. On the other hand, the Executive Premium rank is composed of levels such as Black Diamond, Royal Black Diamond and Presidential Black Diamond.

Update: Monavie is not in business anymore.


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