Nikken Compensation Plan

Nikken Compensation Plan

Nikken Compensation Plan

Nikkens Inc was founded in 1975. Isamu Masuda is the founder of Nikken Inc. this company deals in health and wellness products through a direct sale business model. Nikkens started his business in Japan and then spread in Asia. In 1989 Nikken started his business in North America. Now Nikken is in business in more than 38 countries.

According to Nikken Compensation Plan, a person can join this business opportunity by purchasing a starter kit that will cost him $35. Another way to join the Nikkens as consultant is to purchase a starter pack that will cost the consultant round about $500. The representative can also join by purchasing a builder pack that will cost him about $1600. There is also another and last option to join Nikkens as consultant is to purchase a pro pack that will cost the consultant about $2800.

Nikken Compensation Plan is a stair step breakaway plan. It offers three major ways for representatives to generate income plus one more bonus for the representative with top high performance.

1. Retail and Wholesale Profits,
2. Long term residual income
3. Leadership Bonuses
4. Lifestyle Bonuses

The representatives have the opportunity to make profit by the difference of retail and wholesale price, as they receive the products at whole sale. Representative is also entitled for the commission on the sales volume of his team. This is a long term residual income for the representative. Leadership bonuses are offered to the representatives with ranks from Silver to Royal Diamond. The deep levels for this bonus vary from Silver to Royal Diamond. The higher the rank the deeper will be the level, the representative will be paid for.

These bonuses are given on the basis of performance. That’s why there are many levels in Nikken Compensation Plan. Every level has its own qualifications to meet, in order to be qualified for that level. Another important thing is that this is a breakaway plan and keeps high risk of high performing members in the down line of any representative. That’s why the representatives must not stop recruiting after reaching to a specific level. Following are the major levels of Nikkens Compensation Plan.

1. Direct
2. Senior executive
3. Bronze
4. Silver
5. Gold
6. Platinum
7. Diamond
8. Royal Diamond

Direct level is the starting phase with Nikkens where a representative purchases a Success Kit. In order to be qualified for the level of Senior, a representative must have 500 PV and 1500 PGV. To be qualified for the level of executive, the representative must have 5000 PGV in a month. Bronze level requires PGV of 10,000.

According to Nikkens Compensation Plan, it is necessary to meet up the PGV of 2000, in order to be qualified for the level of Silver in more or two consecutive weeks. For qualifying the Gold Level, a representative must have 1500 PGV plus 3 first level silvers. Platinum Level requires the representative to have 3 Gold level members or 6 Silver Level members. In order to achieve the level of Diamond, representatives are supposed to have 3 first levels Platinum or 6 first levels Gold. Royal Diamond Level requires the representatives to have 3 first levels Diamond or 6 first levels Platinum.


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