Nikken Inc

Nikken Inc

Nikken Inc

Nikken, Inc is one of the largest multi level marketing companies worldwide that is manufacturing the health products and based on annual sale of $1.5 billion. The Nikken roots are in Japan when in 1973, a desk clerk for a Japanese bus company, Isamu Masuda blamed his poor health when his baby was born without ears and that’ why he began to use magnetic shoe inserts, the idea of which he took from the pebbled surface at the bottom of a Japanese public bath, added magnetism and in this way the “Magstep” was the first Nikken product.

In 1975 he launched his business “Nihon Kenko Zoushin Kenkyukai in Fukuoka, Japan” that was later on named as “Nikken Inc”. He promoted his company with core objective that wellness depends on recognizing and sustaining that he named “5 pillars of health” that are family, Healthy body, Mind, Finances and Society.

After a record business in Japan the Nikken started its establishment in other countries. In 1989, Nikken started its business in North America. Nikken uses its magnets in various types of products like clothing, water purification devices, shoe inserts, sleep masks, flexible support wraps, mattresses and other sleep products. Along with, Nikken also sells the nutritional products like massage products, pet care products, jewelry, skin care products, nutritional supplements and all other items that are made with ceramic reflective fibers to maintain an ideal body temperature. Nikken is a debt free company that is competitive edge for Nikken.

In 1992, the Nikken’s American sales had reached $41 million, in 1994 the sale was $54 and in 1995 the sale had reached to $135 million that was a tremendous growth period of sales. However the company’s status remained as the Japanese and Asian company. The parent company, Nihon Kenko Zoushin Kenkyukai is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 1996, the sale of Nikken in Japan was $700 million annually.

Basically Nikken achieved this growth from its magnetic products called Kenko technology in Company’s literature. That’s why Nikken’s research department remains in continues curiosity in advancement of its products. In early1990’s the company had no technology related to application of magnetism to elbows, knees and other bent body parts but with the passage of time, in 1993 the company started a major research project as a result of which Nikken invented a rubber based product with magnet inside and named it as Elastomag Support Wraps in 1999.

Elastomag products included the wraps for the knee, thigh, ankle, shoulder, back, wrist, elbow and hand. Nikken’s trademarked SoliTENS unit is the one federally approved medical device that needs prescription from a health care professional. In 1999, the company’s SoliTENS unit has become popular by the American Medical Community and now it used as effective therapy device that is used for the relaxing of pain all over the body.

Nikken, Inc is also involved in some good purposes like the company has promised to denote $70,000 to the Red Cross for helping the nation of Haiti that has suffered from the earth quake of 6.5 to 7.3 on the Richter scale. It was a huge loss for the Haitian. Similarly Nikken also used its products for good cause like Nikken Triphase Technology & Sport Bracelet Versatility combine with 24K gold accents that is basically designed for the seven time Olympic Medal winner Shannon Miller and a certain portion of sale of this bracelet will be included as a donation to the Shannon Miller Foundation that works for the childhood obesity other related diseases.

Nikken, Inc maintains a professional and supportive relationship with many medical, scientific and charitable institutions worldwide like In 1994, Nikken formed the Magnetic Health Science Foundation in Tokyo, Japan and Nikken has contributed $7 million in this foundation for research on magnetic technology in medical and science field. Nikken is also providing the financial help to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Nikken has also honored with the Environmental Stewardship Award from Orion Energy for improved lighting that has reduced light-related electricity use by 59% is recently installed in central warehouse.


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