Nu Skin Compensation Plan

Nu Skin Compensation Plan

Nu Skin Compensation Plan

Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc is a global direct selling company. This company operates in more than 50 markets throughout North and South America, Asia and Europe. Mainly company deal in three divisions

1. Skin Care & Personal Care Products
2. Nutrition Products
3. Internet, Technology and Digital Products

The company markets its products through a network of independent distributors. For rewarding these independent distributors the company has drafted NuSkin Compensation Plan. This compensation plan is composed of different levels of a career path. The distributors are paid on the basis of the levels, they are at. Every level of this career path has specific qualifications to meet, in order to be qualified.

The bonuses and commissions vary by level to level. The higher the level you are at, the higher you are getting paid. This way Nu Skin compensation Plan provides the opportunity to every member to develop and establish his own business with a great opportunity for growth. Followings are the levels offered by Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc

1. Distributor
2. Gold Executive
3. Lapis Executive
4. Ruby Executive
5. Emerald Executive
6. Diamond Executive
7. Blue Diamond Executive

The representatives have two ways to earn income through NuSkin Compensation Plan.

1. Through retail profit
2. Through bonuses and commissions

Generating income through retail profit is simple, as the representative receives the products at discount price from the company and sells the products at retail price. There is a margin of 43%, if the representative sells the product at the retail price, prescribed by the company.

Bonuses and commissions depend upon the levels, the representatives are at. As a Distributor, the representative is benefited by two level bonuses. Here the distributor is paid a commission on the total sales volume at level first and level second. At level one, the distributor is pain 6% commission on the sales volume at level one, while at level two, commission of 7% is paid on the sales volume generated by his second level.

As an executive, a representative is entitled larger bonuses for his performance, under Nu Skin Compensation Plan. An executive representative can qualify for the extra bonuses at this level, by continuing to encourage productivity and growth within their growing groups. Following bonuses are awarded to the Executive Representatives for meeting the specific qualifications mentioned below, along with the bonuses.

Executive Bonus is a reward for the Executives for the training, support and leadership that they provide to all the distributors in their Organizations. The percentage of the bonus is up to 15%. This percentage is calculated on the basis of gross sales volume and is given on the sales volume of all the levels.

Breakaway Bonus is a bonus that is provided to the representatives on training the executive leaders in his organization. It also depends upon the number of executives at the first level of representative. The higher the number of representative at first level, the deeper will be the level, on which the representative will be paid. The percentage of bonus is 5% on by six levels deep


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