Nu Skin Inc

Nu Skin Inc

Nu Skin Inc

NuSkin was established in 1984 in Provo, Utah in the United States as a multi-level marketing company by the combine efforts of Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson and Steve Lund. NuSkin manufactures and distributes skin care, anti aging personal care and nutritional products throughout the world. The company started its first international operation in Canada in 1990.

After introducing its offices in several more countries, the NuSkin was listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) under the ticker symbol ‘NUS’ in 1996 and became a full fledged public company. Recently Nu Skin is a direct selling company that works in 51 different markets all over the world with almost a network of 800,000 independent distributors.

In 2010 the company has earned revenue of US $1.54 billion in 51 different International markets. In 2011, the company has generated the $395 million in first quarter of the year, which is 9% improvement from previous year. With the passage of time, Nu Skin’s research & development department is providing its best innovation to their consumers like LifePak Nano that is a nutritional anti-aging supplement that improves the absorption of nutrients in the body. AgeLOC Vitality is the company’s first nutritional supplement under the ageLOC brand that helps to enhance the physical and mental health.

NuSkin’s another product named TeGreen97 (decaffeinated green tea extracts that is standardized to 97% polyphenols) that provides and helpful in controlling blood sugar and reducing the fat and weight of the body was considered beneficial at the American Heart Association’s sixth Annual Conference.

NuSkin also developed a BioPhotonic Scanner, an instrument that uses LED light to non-invasively measure a person’s antioxidant levels. By the innovation of this instrument, the Nu Skin was honored the “Most Innovative Company” by the American Business Awards in 2005, that was a great achievement in the history of NuSkin.

Still this innovation activities is in process and recently NuSkin announced to launch a remarkable product in the fourth quarters of the year 2011. Nu Skin has established a charitable organization named as ‘NuSkin force for Good Foundation’ that basically helps the children in improving their lives and able them to be a respected and responsible citizen. NuSkin donated the $.25 from each product to the Nu Skin force for good foundation.

NuSkin also allianced with different companies to explore its business and new innovation to serve the humanity like joint venture with the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation to find the cure of a horrible disease named EB that is a skin disorder and it ranger from mild to fatal. NuSkin also donate 25 cents of the sale of Epoch Glacial Marine Mud to this foundation for research purposes. NuSkin also allianced with Seacology that work on the protection of damaged island environment for native people.


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